Wednesday, December 19, 2007

19-Dec-07: Wednesday morning on Israel's southern front

Yet another Qassam was fired into Israel this morning from the Gaza Strip where Hamas is in total control. It landed on the northern edge of the city of Sderot in an open field. No injuries or damage are reported. A few minutes later, another Pal-Arab Qassam rocket landed near Kibbutz Zikim (population: 330; main activities: raising avocados and mangos, managing a large dairy herd, and manufacturing polyurethane). Zikim is where a toddler was injured by a previous rocket attack on Monday. The actor Bob Hoskins worked there as a volunteer thirty years ago. Several female soldiers who were stationed nearby (Zikim is right on the Gaza border) escaped physical injury this morning but were treated for shock. A heightened state of alert has been declared at all the nearby army bases. The heroes of Islamic Jihad, ever alert to the opportunities to damage fruit-bearing fields, claimed credit for this morning's life-threatening vandalism.

Yesterday (according to the Jerusalem Post), the terrorists fired 9 Qassam rockets and 12 mortar shells into southern Israel.

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