Sunday, May 11, 2014

11-May-14: Still searching for outraged moderate Palestinian Arab voices

From the Arabic press: Funeral of the remains of the Sbarro pizza shop
human bomb
We wrote a few days ago on an issue about which we are especially passionate, even while we realize it's one that moves relatively few people in political life or in the media. We called [see "6-May-14: In search of appalled, sickened Palestinian Arabs" ] for published Arabic-language articles that condemn 
the ongoing satanic strategy that continues to drag Palestinian Arab society - along with those who give such pathological forms of education their passive or active support - down into the gutter of human society and history. Strong words? What else to call a process in which the leadership of an entire society - Abbas and his PAHamas; the Palestinian Islamic Jihad - seeks to turn its pre-teen children into human bombs?
We're offering to republish those Arabic articles here, translated into English. It's a serious offer, and a serious search. If those voices exist in Arabic, it's in everyone's interests that people come to know about them. 

This search got started a week ago after a widely-reported ceremony honoring the burial of the remains of a certain human bomb(If it's not obvious, we think the use of the expression "suicide bomber" is wrong on multiple levels, and we hope it disappears.) And when we say widely-reported, we of course mean widely-reported in the Arabic-speaking world. In the English, French and Spanish language editions of the online Arab media, and in the English-language mainstream news media, there has been barely a mention of the obscene al-Masri funeral. We described it here ["6-May-14: In search of appalled, sickened Palestinian Arabs"] including photos and links to videos.

We are essentially searching for signs of a true moderate voices in Palestinian Arab society - the one we keep being told exists but is not getting noticed enough. 

We're also wondering about the liberals, the humanists, the defenders of human rights, living far from the Middle East, who have given their support to the Palestinian Arabs. We still hope to unearth their condemnations of the process by which a man who murders innocent children is transformed by government officials into a hero and a figure whose actions deserve to be emulated. 

Can it be that liberals, humanists and defenders of human rights hold no view about this? Or think it's unworthy of their attention? Their silence, the absence of condemnation from them, screams.


Dan Kelso said...

The Palestinians will never experience a civilized culture as long as their corrupt, racist, religiously intolerant leaders and elders promote terrorism and hatred towards non-muslims.

The media needs to stop supporting the Holocaust denying, Jew hating, Kamikaze, rocket launching,
baby killing Palestinians

Shay Safi said...

Frimet and Arnold, this was sent to me by one of my FB page members, Barbara, at Arabs For Peace.
I just read about your beautiful beloved daughter Malki, and want you to know how terribly sorry I am for your loss.
I am a Palestinian/ Jordanian peace activist who lives in America, and wish my apology could represent all of us Arabs.
These murderers deserve nothing positive, and the way they are “celebrated” is a disgrace to humanity!!!
There is nothing heroic about these cowards. They ARE just that….murdering cowards, and those who celebrate them should be regarded as such!!
Jihad, Hamas, & Fatah NEED and MUST get abolished, and the only way to do it is by other Arabs denouncing these acts of violence, and replacing a weak leader with a strong one.
My condolences to you and all the victims of these dreadful and vile excuses for humans!
I shared this on my page, and I do know there are others like myself who would agree, and I will urge them to reach out.
Sending you healing thoughts and prayers, and may Malki’s memory live on and bring unity among our people.
Peace and love!

This Ongoing War said...

Dear Shay Safi, your contribution to this page is very moving, and very much appreciated. Thank you.
As you will have noticed, we are searching for Palestinian Arab voices who condemn in the Arabic language the process by which a man who murders innocent children is transformed by government officials into a hero and a figure whose actions deserve to be emulated.
Can you help us find those voices? We want them to be heard as widely as possible - assuming they exist.

Anonymous said...

I have shared this around 5 different groups. I hope more people will show their support.
Thank you for not losing hope with humanity.
Love & peace!!!

Unknown said...

Have you tried to add to that condemnation for Zionism terrorism and oppression through 66 years and even more, or at least most recent events of such terrorism?

At least pay what you are asking for to be paid!!!

This Ongoing War said...

We'll take your comments, Mr Mohamed, as meaning you're comfortable with joining those who celebrate the murder of Jewish children. We assume you don't feel too bad about, given how very many people, certainly in this part of the world, share that mindset.
As for the search for authentic moderate Arabic-language voices in Palestinian Arab society - there's no choice but for us to keep on looking.

Unknown said...

You are not in position or have any right to re-interpret or reform or take my words out of how I formed them.

The meaning of my word is clear, focusing the propaganda to Falestinian mistakes WILL NEVER erase the guilt of ZIONISM Terrorism.

No body is happy about any child been hunted anywhere, despise whom are the parents and their rolls in terrorism and apartheid or Nazi simulated behaviors or just being unlucky people who happened to be there in the event time.

YET, BECAUSE THE RACIAL ZIONISM WELL KNOWN BEHAVIORS, I have asked for balanced mutual condemnation which seems freaking you out, because it means you will have to confess your side crimes and racial and ethnic based crimes as clear as the sun in summer in Sahara noon time.

So, would you bring some moderate Israeli who has no problem confirm Israels crimes as much as he is asking for Falestinians resistance mistakes condemnations?

This Ongoing War said...

Mr Mohamed, even while we are busy "freaking out", it's impossible not to notice how your response to our blog post calling for Arabic-language condemnation of the Palestinian death cult practices of PA, Fatah and Hamas ignores the message of the post.
Meanwhile we feel it's constructive (in a small way) for readers of our pro-Zionist, pro-Israel, pro-humanity blog to read what you have written here.

Anonymous said...

Bombed pizzeria in 2001 ..and the anti-Palestinians are still trying a decade later to use old news to justify the imprisonment and slaughter of Palestinians (1,400 during operation shooting fish in a barrel 2008/2009) in Gaza with the justified attack on a pizzeria frequented by Israeli military.

It is legal for the oppressed to fight back.

The anti-civilised anti-Palestinian crew need to read some law books to find out that the Nazis were found guilty of murder when attacking Jewish partisans (what would now be called terrorists) at the Nuremberg trials. Rape victims, in common with all victims of oppression, have the right of self defence.

This Ongoing War said...

We're now closing the door to the advocates of murder by terrorism. You get enough exposure of your sociopathic views without us giving you a platform.

Anonymous said...

Where's the outrage from the anti-Palestinian psychopaths who support murderers?

Barbara Mazor said...

I am so sorry.