Monday, September 21, 2020

21-Sep-20: Ten minutes and 40 seconds of drive-time attention on Israeli radio

Logo of KAN Israel Public Broadcasting Group

It's no secret that Israel's media - newspapers, mainstream radio and television - have given close to zero attention to the hunt for the Sbarro massacre architect Ahlam Tamimi and to our efforts to bring her to justice in the US.

Some weeks ago, through the friendly intervention of a respected figure who believes in our cause, the morning radio program of Kalman Liebskind and Asaf Liberman, one of the most-listened-to talk streams in Israel's culture today, invited Arnold Roth to join them for an on-air conversation.

We haven't translated this to English yet, for which we apologize. The program is mainstream Israeli, meaning it's of course in Hebrew. It went to air on June 24, 2020 on KAN Reshet Bet כאן רשת ב, the country's main talk-radio station.

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