Monday, May 28, 2012

28-May-12: Tapuah Junction: Yet another suspect nabbed with pipe bombs on him

Israel's Border Police: Last line of defence against
terrorists yearning for their 72 virgins
The last time we posted here about suspected terrorists being apprehended the busy and strategic Tapuah Junction in Israel's Shomron (Samaria district) was less than two weeks ago. We wrote then that two Palestinian Arab men had been stopped by alert Border Police officers during Nakba Day and found to be carrying four pipe bombs, an improvised pistol and a large quantity of ammunition. Previous arrests and seizures in the area include: two men, 12 pipe bombs, a combat knife [January 8]; one man, multiple improvised explosive devices, three knives, 50 bullets [April 11]; two youths, with 5 pipe bombs, a gun, and ammunition [April 21]; two Arab men, 4 improvised bombs [April 24]; once more - two Arab men, 4 pipe bombs [April 28]; a youth, 3 pipe bombs [May 7].

Tonight there's another successful intercept. 

Around 9 o'clock tonight (Sunday - right after the termination of the Shavuot holiday), a suspected terrorist was stopped at the Tapuah security checkpoint, and found (according to this Hebrew report) to be in possession of three Molotov cocktails/firebombs as well as three pipe-bombs. Israel National News is reporting now that Tapuah Junction has been re-opened to traffic.

It's good to have luck on your side. But when even one of these jihadists gets through the security and manages to reach his target - ordinary people, ordinary places, just as long as they are Israelis or Jews - the price we pay is unbearably high. Being at war with terrorists calls for endless vigilance.

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