Saturday, April 21, 2012

21-Apr-12: Stopped two more armed jihadists

The Palestinian Arab youths apprehended today packed
pipe bombs, and were carrying a pistol
and a knife. The Border Guard provided this photo today.
The alertness of Mishmar Hagvul (translation: Border Guard) service personnel manning one of those despised security checkpoints averted more harm to Israeli civilians today. A pair of Palestinian Arab youths, seventeen years old, arrived at Tapu'ach Junction, just south of Nablus/Sh'chem this afternoon (Saturday) by taxi. It's an important regional cross-roads, with many public buses stopping there round the clock. Sgt Ihab Khatib, a Druze serving in the IDF, was stabbed to death there by terrorists two years ago.

Their nervous behaviour aroused suspicion, according to Ynet's report. The Border Guards and police stationed at the crossing called on them to stop and undergo a search. The suspects attempted to run from the scene. After a chase and a struggle, they were apprehended but not before dropping a pistol and a knife. They were bodily searched and were found to be carrying five pipe bombs as well as munitions. They are being interrogated this evening. Their bombs were safely disposed of by IDF sappers from the bomb squad. One of the young servicemen is quoted saying: "When it was all over and we realized what they had in their bags, I thought about the fact that we helped save people's lives. It's a great sense of satisfaction."

We have noted numerous times in the past the plain dishonesty that seems to characterize much of the criticism of Israel's security checkpoints strategy. Some examples from many: 
Though we have written it here in the past, it bears repeating: Israel's still-incomplete security barrier and its multiple checkpoints constitute one of this country's most effective counter-terrorism measuresThe numbers put this beyond doubt. We live here and for us, it matters.

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