Monday, January 09, 2012

9-Jan-12: Another day, another attempted murder-by-knifing

This knife, smaller than the one seized today, was grabbed
from another Palestinian Arab at another security checkpoint
in a previous terror attack [Image Source]
A Palestinian Arab female arrived at the Bitunya security checkpoint south of Ramallah, near the edge of the city of Jerusalem, this morning. This Hebrew report says she came armed with a 30 cm knife that she pulled out of its concealed location and, blade unsheathed, threw herself at one of the Border Police.

One of the alert service personnel at the checkpoint then fired a warning shot into the air. Another leapt onto her, got her under his control and took her away for interrogation. No one was seriously injured, and the woman - evidently with murder on her mind - will be able to try this again in the future should the passion so move her. A Palestinian Arab news agency reports it briefly ("Israeli forces detain woman at Ramallah crossing") but it would be a mistake to think this is heading for the mainstream news because no one was killed.

The security checkpoint at Bitunya is routinely reported on by the silly ideological extremists of Machsom Watch, a naive and troublesome collective whose members believe something is wrong with Israel protecting its population from similar Palestinian Arabs with murder on their minds.

The IDF's Twitter report on today's near tragedy expresses the danger this way: "#Israel Boarder Police uncovered 30cm knife on #Palestinian #woman, capable of impaling a human body #terror". There's room to criticize the Twittering soldier's spelling skills, but what do you say to people who believe the decent, fair-minded thing to do with Palestinian Arab women and their 30cm knives is to stand back and let them come through?

Answer: it depends who you are. The EU [source] provided Machsom Watch with a €77,632 grant for 2010-11. Additional funding in the same period came from Diakonia (Sweden) and Norway and the UK including a £30,000 British grant for a project called “No Legal Frontiers”. In the interests of sanity, the Netherlands did not renew funding after 2009. The heavily ideological New Israel Fund provided $204,698 of grants to Machsom Watch between 2006 and 2009.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Can these scum not pass through a metal-detector gate in order to get near a border guard and why can't the guard be behind bullet proof glass??

Juniper in the Desert said...

From the lying Arabists at the british foreign office,"No Legal Frontiers":
"We fund projects that we believe help:
to reduce the causes of conflict between Israelis and Palestinians
to promote co-existence between Israel's Jewish and Arab populations
to promote respect for human rights in Israel and the Occupied Territories"