Tuesday, August 24, 2021

24-Aug-21: Twenty years after the Sbarro massacre: A Zev Brenner audio interview

Our thanks to Zev Brenner whose popular Talkline radio/audio show has been an influential fixture of Jewish life in the US, and especially the New York area, for decades.

Rabbi Brenner recently hosted Arnold Roth on his August 9, 2021 program to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Sbarro Jerusalem massacre which violently ended our daughter Malki's life

From the promotional notes:
Arnold Roth, whose daughter Malki was killed in the terrorist bombing of Sbarro Pizza 20 years ago talks about what happened. Mr. Roth is also seeking justice by having Malki's killer extradited from Jordan where she enjoys the good life. Unfortunately he's been stymied by politicians here and in Israel. Click to hear his quest for justice. This podcast is powered by Jewish Podcasts. Start your own podcast today and share your content with the world.

Click to listen to the audo of the Zev Brenner/Arnold Roth interview.

Or hear it via Jewish Podcasts.

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