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12-Mar-19: Yes, Americans surely ought to know that Ahlam Tamimi lives free today

Overnight, a tweet [here] was posted by Jason D. Greenblatt, Assistant to the 45th President of the USA and Special Representative for International Negotiations.

The timing is notable, coming on the same day that King Abdullah II of Jordan, a frequent guest of honour in the US's corridors of power, makes the rounds of Washington power centers including a string of high-level administration officials as well as the White House.

Twitter source
Here's the text:
Americans ought to know that Ahlam Ahmad al-Tamini [sic], a convicted Hamas terrorist who, together with others, murdered in cold blood 15 people including 7 children, lives free today. See details here: https://rewardsforjustice.net/english/ahlam_al_tamimi.html
We of course agree - though it would surely have been better if Mr Greenblatt had spelled Tamimi's name right.

It might also have been better if he had linked to some information that actually explains how and why arch-terrorist Tamimi "lives free today". Instead, the link he provides goes to the State Department's Rewards for Justice website where details of the $5M prize for the capture and conviction of Tamimi appear. (And if any enterprising reporter cares to look into why, after two years, no one has succeeded in getting that reward money, we will be more than happy to discuss what we know. We're certain that some people might be quite surprised. Mr Greenblatt might be one of them, though there's no indication he's actually interested in even the smallest way.)

Still we're pleased that a senior official in the Trump Administration has gone as far as Mr Greenblatt has. It's a first, and an important one.

From the FBI Most Wanted Terrorists website
Americans surely ought to know. And so should anyone to whom justice is a supreme value.

There's much more to be said, and much more that we have already said about Tamimi, justice, and what the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has done and continues to do to thwart the extradition of this deadly dangerous FBI Most Wanted fugitive.

But for now, we're pleased to see a Trump Administration official speaking out on the issue that has occupied our days and minds for many years.

Tamimi, for those who might not know, admits to being a central figure - we say she was the mastermind - of the bombing of Jerusalem's Sbarro pizzeria on August 9, 2001. Our daughter Malki, 15, was one of the many innocent victims killed there that day.

Here's a partial selection of the many things we have written in this blog about the Sbarro massacre during the past two years since Jordan's legal system formally announced that it would not be extraditing Tamimi to the US to face the Federal terrorism charges that await her  there:

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