Sunday, June 24, 2018

24-Jun-18: Chilling: In boasting of those she killed, the fugitive terrorist can barely control her excitement

Ahlam Tamimi lies, exaggerates, thrills to the excitement of murdering Israelis, and especially Jewish children. Here she is - the fugitive from US justice for whom the Kingdom of Jordan is prepared to risk everything, including the flagrant breaching of its 1995 Extradition  Treaty with its most important ally.

For background to the July 2012 Kuwaiti television interview of which the clip above is just an excerpt, see our post "5-May-13: Self-confessed jihadist murderer: "With my media card, I was able to enter back and forth, undetected..."

(Some of the sources for that 2013 post seem to have disappeared. Here's an archived version.)

The cold-blooded interviewer is a Kuwaiti Islamic preacher, Dr. Mohammed Al-Awadi. His popular TV program is entitled “Bayni wa Baynkom” ("Between Me and You").

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