Monday, January 18, 2016

18-Jan-16: A pregnant Jewish woman stabbed in Tekoa today

There has been another stabbing attack this morning on a Jewish woman by a knife-wielding Palestinian Arab assailant.

Today's attack happened a little after 10 am in Tekoa, a thriving Jewish community in the Gush Etzion area on the southern edge of Jerusalem, and the victim is pregnant. Times of Israel reports that the stabber was shot dead by security forces at the scene, a clothing warehouse (but there are reports that he may still be alive). His victim is a woman of about 30 with serious wounds to the upper body, including damage to a lung evidently pierced by the attacker's blade. She has been rushed to Shaarei Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem for emergency care. Tekoa residents have been told to remain in their homes (as of the time we are writing this - Monday morning) and to lock their doors until further notice.

The often-vile reporting of the Ma'an News Agency manages to get five paragraphs into its story, headlined "Palestinian shot, injured after allegedly stabbing Israeli woman" before disclosing that
the Israeli who was stabbed and injured is a pregnant women in "moderate to severe" condition. The Palestinian shot and injured has yet to be identified.
A pity to be giving this any attention, but the oh-so-clever people at Ma'an are the annual recipients of millions upon millions of Euros to lubricate the path forward for their very specific kind of agenda-driven, incite-over-insight news reporting. European tax-payers ought to be more aware of the role their tax money pays to make this a daily reality.

UPDATE: January 18, 2016 at 8:00 pm - The victim of the knifing attack in Tekoa is Michal Froman, the daughter-in-law of the late and renowned peace advocate Rabbi Menachem Froman, a saintly figure "who believed a common faith in God could enable coexistence". The Jerusalem Post says the terrorist who carried out the attack was shot and wounded and being fixed in a Jerusalem hospital like so many previous murder-minded Palestinian Arab attackers. Times of Israel notes that he is a child of 15:
Othman Muhammad Sha’alan, 15, came in [to the clothing shop located in a Tekoa warehouse] shortly after 10 a.m., when she opened the store, in an industrial area on the edge of the settlement, southeast of Jerusalem... Officials said the attacker sneaked into the settlement via a hole in a fence and then made his way to the nearby store... The teenage assailant then pulled out a blade from his pocket and stabbed Froman in the back... Shortly after fleeing the scene, the 15-year-old stabber was shot by an armed civilian and taken to a hospital for treatment.
Thankfully, the unborn child of today's knifing attack victim is evidently unharmed.

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