Monday, January 18, 2016

18-Jan-16: On a death in a settlement house

Source: BBC [Archived]
Many Israelis will be
reflecting in sorrow today as the young murdered mother we described in yesterday's post is buried later this morning in the soil of Jerusalem.

Others will be thinking about the shabby journalistic values that lie behind the headline on the BBC report of her death at the hands of a terrorist.

The word "terrorist" is of course politely omitted from the report, as is the custom at the politically-correct BBC. So is any meaningful description of her foreshortened life. The headline is silent as to who "stabbed to death" this loving and inspirational Jewish woman, described in the body text as simply "a mother in her late 30s".

What's not missing is the implied justification for her brutal and cruel slaying, done in front of three of her young children: she was a resident of an "Otniel settlement house". Case proven and closed,

News consumers and news producers for whom "settlement" says everything they need to know about the ongoing war of terror being waged against Jews in their homeland won't give the matter a second thought. They will very likely be unaware of the positive meaning the expression "settlement house" has had for more than a century. The BBC's editors surely had no positive intentions in choosing that odd way to characterize an act of primal savagery whose name they don't even dare to pronounce.

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