Monday, July 14, 2014

14-Jul-14: Searching for a way to make a positive, concrete, meaningful contribution?

If you are among the ranks of Israel's many friends who want to do something concrete that positively helps the people living under terrorist rocket-fire, here's a suggestion. 

Keren Malki, the foundation we created in memory of the life of our daughter Malki (you can see her photo on the right of this page), has a unique and effective program called Therapists on Wheels that sends highly-qualified therapists - physical, occupational and speech - into the homes of Israelis living in communities far from Israel's center. 

There, in those homes, they deliver vital para-medical therapy sessions to children challenged by often-severe special needs. 

Currently we send therapists to Be'er ShevaSderot, Ashkelon and other places in Israel's southern periphery that right now are in the cross-hairs of the Hamas terror-rocketeers. 

In these difficult days, the professional team who run Keren Malki's operations are doing everything possible so that the special-needs children in those places don't miss out on therapies that are so vital to their well-being

You can learn more and possibly also give your support to Keren Malki's Zlata Hersch Memorial Therapists on Wheels Program, by clicking here.

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Marilyn Rogers said...

Hello Israel ! I am very interested in what is going on over there in Israel. I live in Kansas in the US and feel your country and the US is linked in time.
I had a song on jango radio that you liked and that is why I thought I would contact you. I cannnot believe our news sources over hear. Please feel free to contact me any time on face book
Thank you for liking my music.