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6-May-14: In search of appalled, sickened Palestinian Arabs

The official government-controlled WAFA News Agency gave major
 (above) to the funeral of the "martyr" and to the messages
of PA officials inciting to fresh 
acts of murder and destruction.
Naturally in Arabic only.  [
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Yesterday's post ["5-May-14: The making of a martyr: it takes more than a village"] reported on the state funeral given to the remaining body parts of a Palestinian Arab human bomb. 

He exploded in August 2001 inside a restaurant filled with Jews, most of them children, and died a happy young man, perhaps even an ecstatic one. His life, in accordance with the insane religious dogmas that had been pumped into his head, had reached its point of fulfillment.

We made the point that representatives of the major segments of Palestinian Arab society took part in the funeral. If you were looking for moderates - for instance the so-called moderates of the Mahmoud Abbas regime - they were indeed there. But they were not moderating anything. Nor were they expressing viewpoints that came close to moderate. When it comes to murder and incitement to murder of Israelis and of Jews, they are not moderate; they are enthusiastic

In last Wednesday's funeral procession in Tubas, they participated, heart and soul, to ensure the strongest possible message of support, encouragement, adulation for acts of calculated murder like the one in which the dead human bomb had engaged - and that stole the life of our daughter Malki

They amplified this message of hatred and jihad via the official Palestinian Arab state media, as did the Hamas regime in Gaza through theirs. They wanted everyone to know - at least, everyone who speaks Arabic - how united they all are in their passion for jihad, death, mayhem, destruction. 

As for publishing reports of the funeral and its speeches in languages other than Arabic, they were considerably less interested. Try (just as one random example) finding any mention of it on the English-language, Bethlehem-based, high profile European-funded Ma'an News Agency website

Then go to Maan's Arabic side [here] where you can find all the death-cult worship an Arabic reader with an interest in such things could want. 

Interesting, no? Perhaps a person could even learn something from it.

We received some reader feedback suggesting this characterization was unfair. They said there are voices in the Palestinian Arab world that are as sickened as people like us are by the unconcealed blood-lust of Hamas, of Islamic Jihad, of Fatah, of the Palestinian Authority and of Mahmoud Abbas.

We're doubtful. 

But we're willing to investigate. So here's an invitation for anyone who has such evidence to send us public, published statements in Arabic - statements in which Palestinian Arab voices condemn what sickens the rest of the world: the process of turning psychopaths like the human bomb who murdered our daughter into martyrs, heroes, figures to be emulated.

Over to you. Send what you have to thisongoingwar@gmail.com or add them to the comments below. We'll publish what we receive here. 

Remember - in Arabic. We'll take care of the translating into English.


Dan Kelso said...

Thank you for all the work your doing Arnold.
I read this article on CIFwatch and all the comments after the article.
Arnold, the one thing i can tell you, yourself, Palmediawatch, Honestreporting their getting the word out about the racist hatemongers Fatah is.
The Palestinians heroes are Arab terrorists who sneak up in an Israeli's home and slaughters an entire family like at Kibbutz Metzer.
The Europeans need to stop funding these Palestinian Islamo Nazis.

In Memory of Malki and all the work you and Frimet are doing against Islamo fascist murderers.
Arnold keep doing what your doing.
I always send your articles out on twitter and Facebook.

Fatah glorifies Kibbutz Metzer massacre terrorist who slaughtered 5 Israeli civilians and 2 children and Palestinian homicide bomber for slaughtering 8 Israeli civilians on a bus.
Kibbutz Metzer was about the terrorist incident where a Palestinian gunmen machine gunned an Israeli mother and her 2 sons at Kibbutz Metzer in 2002. The Israeli mother tried to shield her sons, but it was to no avail, the Palestinian terrorists massacred all 3 of them.
And the Europeans fund these Palestinian mass murderers.

Abbas Rep. at Terror Funeral Praises 'Heroic Martyr'
Hero's funeral held by PA for returned body of terrorist who killed five including two children, Abbas sends his praise.
By Ari Yashar

Dan Kelso said...

Arnold i also wanted to say, I think you should try to contact Shelley Dadon's father"
Yaakov Dadon
Your the one person he can talk to.

Shelly Dadon's Father 'Won't Recover' From His Daughter's Murder
Yaakov Dadon, father of Israeli girl killed in recent suspected terror attack, rejects opposition to bills preventing terror releases.
Ari Soffer and Netanel Katz

Dan Kelso said...

The anger i have after reading this.
Its urgent more then ever Israel get a leader who will get a death penalty for these Palestinian mass murderers.

Op-Ed: If the Gov't Were Freeing the Murderer of Your Child?

Close your eyes: how would you feel if the gov't were freeing the convicted murderer of your loved one?
David Bedein
March 27, 2014

Let's try it again: Close your eyes: how would you feel if the gov't were freeing the convicted murderer of your loved one?
The way pressure works in Israel is that the more people who make direct contact with government people, the more the gov't feels under pressure.

Attached is a list of the direct cell phones and e-mails of key gov't officials who are about to engage in an act of premeditated murder- to consider freeing unrepentant convicts who murdered our loved ones, and who promise to murder again.
And they will.

Here is a film of interviews that our agency conducted with some of these convicts, a few of whom have already been released.


Take an hour to write & make these calls - in the current Israeli gov't, the number of calls and letters is carefully tabulated.

Always make it personal: if this convict murdered your Mom, would you want him out on the streets?

Find the list of government ministries here.


Click on the link to email all the Israel government people.
Its after the article.