Thursday, May 29, 2014

29-May-14: EC bureaucrats and their nightly prayers

The European Commission announced via a press release on Wednesday that the EU
has made available €200 million to ensure support to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), in order to provide vital basic services to the Palestinian people (such as education, health relief and social services)... a contribution of €130 million, through the PEGASE mechanism, to the Palestinian Authority and a contribution of €70 million to the General Fund of UNRWA...  Via UNRWA, the EU is delivering its support to Palestine refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, enabling refugee families and their children to attend school, to receive medical attention and to survive economically, this way keeping alive the values of humanity, solidarity and dignity of the refugees.
It goes into a detailed explanation of what the PEGASE mechanism is, but manages to say not one word about what the EU's auditors found when they finally got around to looking at where the torrent of European money goes when it's given as aid to the Palestinian Arabs. When we recently wrote about this ["28-Mar-14: Once more: European double-talk on the funding of Palestinian Arab terrorism"] we said
From personal knowledge, there has been an inside understanding among the civil servants of the EC and their political masters [read our blog post "9-Sep-13: Snouts and troughs"since at least 2003 to do whatever it takes to hide the truly hideous things that everyone knows are done with those European funds that go to Ramallah. In all those years during which torrents of European funding, amounting to billions of Euros, were channeled, first, to the blood-drenched Arafat regime, and then to the corrupt and insider-controlled regime of Mahmoud Abbas, those oh-so-careful Eureaucrats managed to avoid carrying out even one financial audit, until the one published this past December [full text here]. All of this while the EU "provides 20% of the direct financial support for the PA", making it "the biggest multilateral donor to the Occupied Palestinian Territories".
And what did that carefully-worded audit find?
  • EU aid to the Palestinian Authority worth billions of euros needs an "overhaul" and major changes in some areas, the bloc's Court of Auditors said... If the circumstances are difficult, there are still "a number of aspects of the current approach in need of an overhaul," said Hans Gustaf Wessberg, who wrote the report for the court. "There is a need for major revisions such as encouraging the PA to undertake more reforms" [EUbusiness, December 12, 2013]
  • "The EU should stop paying the salaries of thousands of Palestinian civil servants in the Gaza Strip who are not going to work... They called for a major review, saying money spent on civil servants there should go to the West Bank instead." [BBC, December 11, 2013]
  • "It is difficult to ensure that EU money is not misused or does not become a drip-feed, it said... The PA is not undertaking all the reforms that the EU would like. At every turn there are political causes and factors. The audit is therefore a political minefield." [European Voice, December 12, 2013]
What's changed since the audit was published in December 2013? In practical terms, only one real thing: the Palestinian Authority is now committed to power-sharing with the terrorists of the outlawed Hamas organization. Outlawed by the EU since 2003 as well by a long list of other governments.

Funny how the bureaucrats of Brussels managed to mention none of these matters in their press release yesterday. 

We imagine these people saying fervent prayers each night before dozing off, giving thanks that they don't work for a profit-making corporation where malfeasance and scandal on this order would cost them their jobs. Also, for never having to answer: not to the timid media, not to the factionalized Parliament, not to the taxpayers whose money they ship off so carelessly, and not for the devastating harm done to Israelis and Arabs alike with those European taxpayer funds they keep handing off to Palestinian Arab figures and to the terrorists whom they so persistently fund and sustain. 

And then, their heads filled with lofty thoughts of "the values of humanity, solidarity and dignity" that their actions and the money of ordinary European citizens have served, they head off peacefully into dreamland to sleep the sleep of the righteous. Nighty-night.

Some follow-up reading based on previous posts of ours on this painful and perplexing subject: 
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googlejail said...

By allowing their funding to be used to pay the salaries of thugs and terrorists in Gaza, the EU is not only violating its own rules against terrorism, but has been opening itself to a legal assault on these very same grounds. Many families of Israelis murdered by Gaza or West Bank terrorists could probably trace the funding of their loved ones' murderers to EU monies, making them objective accomplices in facilitating and supporting terrorism. I'm surprised that path has not been explored yet by the likes of Shurat Ha Din. The faceless European bureaucrats hiding in Brussels behind their anonymity and complete absence of accountability need to be uncovered. It's way past time to name names, shame them publicly and sue them for all they're worth. Only then will they become less care-free and callous in allocating funds to murderous Palestinian terrorist organizations, i.e. Hamas AND Fatah.

This Ongoing War said...

You may be right. But even if an action of that sort were mounted, and even if it succeeded, how much would this bother the EC's civil servants? It's not their money. They don't have taxpayers to whom to report. There's no political will within the EU to rein them in. And their own European Court of Auditors, expressing itself in exquisitely gentle and careful understatement has already criticized (in December 2013) the ongoing torrent of cash-handouts to the Palestinians:
"a number of aspects of the current approach are increasingly in need of an overhaul... their sustainability is in doubt without major revisions... (The PA) has to be encouraged to undertake more reforms" [source:]

Bottom line: we're not too sanguine about the chances.

But we do want to point out that the PA, having signed a 'unity' deal with the Hamas terrorists, are indeed on the eve of "serious reforms" and "major revisions".

David Pakter said...

Imagine for just a moment if instead of the Jewish State of Israel existing where it does, imagine if that geographical area of the Middle East were controlled by some other ethnic group on Earth other than Jews.

After all clearly, there are countless different ethnic groups in the Middle East who strongly dislike one another.

That is why in Syria alone more than 100,000 people have died in the recent past and over a million Syrian people have become refugees, due to the countless mutual historic hatreds between xyz groups.

If the so-called "Palestinians" in the West Bank and Gaza cried out and demanded never ending financial handouts, running into the billions of Euros, claiming they were entitled to such largesse due to the alleged misdeeds of that "hypothetically speaking non Jewish government" in Jerusalem, would the European Union be so willing to dole out billions and billions of Euros in the form of every type of assistance under the Sun.

The short answer is: "Of course not".

The Ace, or would it not be more accurate to state, the countless Aces both those who control the West Bank as well as Gaza, have up their "sleeves" is that their claimed/alleged enemy is the Jews.

If Israel not exist and instead some other non Jewish ethnic entity occupied what we call Israel, the entire world and especially the European Union would quickly find "better" things to do with their time and money. Money whose source comes from the back breaking toil of ordinary European taxpayers.

When one considers such a hypothetical situation in which different ethnic and religious groups might control different parts of the Middle East than what we see at present, we witness and understand once again, as if the world required further proof, why so many billions of Euros are squeezed from the pockets of those who inhabit the European Union.

This explains vividly why there were no real audits for years as to where all the money was going.

And in fact there never will be any big rush on the part of the European Union to really delve too deeply into where all the billions are going and who among Israel's many Jew hating enemies are being personally enriched.

It is sufficient that those who claim to be in need, are claiming that their dire predicament/s are all the fault of those "nasty" Jews.

When any group on Earth alleges that it has "need" of assistance and claims that it is "the Jews" who are responsible for that need, then the purse strings of the world open fast and wide.

And thus as long as there is a State of Israel, the European Union will continue to bankroll the anti-Semites of the Middle East.

All the talk about the need for so called "austerity" in the European Union is quickly forgotten about and becomes a non-issue when those who control the West Bank and Gaza hold out their hands for cash.

Perhaps the people of the European Union would do well for themselves by reminding their respective governments that "Charity should begin at home".

But that will never come to pass.

Historical European anti-Semitism runs far too deep for that to ever happen and if going without at home, is the cost required to fund the mega generous pensions of suicide bombers' families and see Israel bleed, the average European knows what choice he will make each and every time.