Wednesday, February 27, 2013

27-Feb-13: This is what falling into the clutches of a non-democratic political entity run on non-transparent principles can do to people

Prof. Cyril Karabus, held without trial by the "authorities" in the UAE for more than six months
For readers who have been following the horror of the United Arab Emirates' treatment of the frail retired South African paediatric oncologist Prof. Cyril Karabus, here is today's installment of the ongoing disgrace.

UAE panel yet to send report in South African doctor's manslaughter case
Haneen Dajani | The National | Feb 27, 2013 |  ABU DHABI // The medical committee examining the case of the South African doctor accused of manslaughter has not sent its report yet, the criminal court has announced. Cyril Karabus, 77, was convicted in absentia of murder and forgery, accused of causing the death in 2002 of a three-year-old Yemeni girl suffering cancer. His retrial on charges of manslaughter and forgery has been stranded in court for months awaiting the medical committee’s report, as well as a medical file requested by the defence. The paediatric oncologist, who denies the charge, has been on bail with his passport confiscated since October. He was arrested at Dubai airport in August while travelling with his family. Last month South Africa sent a démarche – a strong protest – to the UAE Government calling for the case against Karabus to be expedited. The case was adjourned until March 20 pending the committee’s report.
There will be plenty of time to drag the princelings of the oil-soaked UAE and their minions through the global court of public opinion at some appropriate time in the future. But right now, today, who is going to get this poor, unjustly detained man out of their clutches?

Some selected background for those new to this sickening and grossly under-reported affair:

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