Tuesday, January 29, 2013

29-Jan-13: A development in the scandalous UAE 'prosecution' of Prof. Karabus

The UAE Ministry of Justice website
From a South African news source this morning:
The professor’s Cape Town-based attorney Michael Bagraim said prosecutors indicated they intend dropping the forgery charge. “If one has no hope of a forgery charge, the manslaughter charge has no traction at all because the one flows from the other.” This move has yet to be sanctioned by the judge. The retired paediatric oncologist is facing a charge of manslaughter following the death of a cancer patient he treated at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical Centre in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over a decade ago. But state officials in Abu Dhabi have been struggling to find the patient's original medical records. Karabus’ case has been in limbo for weeks after an Abu Dhabi judge postponed it indefinitely. But the 77-year-old, who is out on bail, is still not allowed to leave the UAE.
See the most recent of our posts ["24-Jan-13: Time for the United Arab Emirates to know the world is watching"] for the background to this thoroughly disgraceful affair. Beyond that, and until Prof. Karabus has his liberty and passport restored to him, we will refrain from making the kind of comment that this development would normally call for.

By the way, as we keep asking, is anyone from Qantas paying attention?

UPDATE: There's more. See our Tuesday midday report: "29-Jan-13: UAE "Justice" officials fiddle: The scandalous treatment of Prof. Karabus goes on and on"

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