Tuesday, December 25, 2012

25-Dec-12: The Emirates scandal: the missing evidence turns up

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Here's an update on what the authorities in the United Arab Emirates have been doing for the past four months to an elderly South African paediatric cancer specialist caught up in a Kafkaesque legal/criminal nightmare. Readers not familiar with the background are invited to read our post of a week ago: "18-Dec-12: Astronomical financial power and what it lets some get away with".

A South African newspaper reports today that lawyers for Prof. Cyril Karabus - who spent eight weeks in a miserable UAE prison after being arrested in transit at Dubai airport when flying Emirates - say they have finally been given a key medical file which they had requested from the authorities and had been refused.

Now that they have it, they say it totally exonerates their client of all charges.

In this extraordinary and scandalous affair, the distinguished doctor faces manslaughter charges relating to the death of a Kuwaiti child who died in his care more than a decade ago, about which he was never told anything until his arrest. The matter comes back before an Abu Dhabi criminal judge later today.

Will Qantas, the great Australian airline, have an observer in the court room? If you are wondering why we ask, please read "15-Oct-12: Back to Dubai: Australian travelers might want to factor this report into their plans".

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