Wednesday, September 26, 2012

26-Sep-12 [UPDATED]: Golan Heights - an incoming rocket today after yesterday's three mortars

Syria's leader: Tuned in to other things
We reported here on Tuesday [25-Sep-12: Incoming fire on the northern border] about three mortars that were fired from Syria and crashed and exploded inside Israel on the Golan Heights plateau. Today, Yom Kippur (which ended at sundown about two hours ago), a Syrian rocket exploded in the same general area.

AFP says today's rocket was fired during clashes between forces of Syria's al-Assad regime and rebel anti-Assad fighters. It quotes an IDF source saying that today's rocket was "fired in the morning during fighting inside Syria exploded on the Golan, without causing casualties or damage". The same AFP report also quotes the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in the UK saying that at least five Syrian troops and two rebels were killed after insurgents attacked army checkpoints near the Golan. The fighting was close to the Syrian villages of Hamidiyeh and Horriyeh in Quneitra province, located in the small part of the Golan that is not held by Israel.

AP has a report today ["Syrian fighting spills over into Golan Heights" | Bassem Mroue / The Associated Press] that serves as a reminder of the ethics and military doctrine of the blood-soaked al-Assad regime. In the course of a news story dealing with the 'spillover' rockets that hit Israel yesterday, it mentions in passing  that
"several bombs went off inside a school in the Syrian capital that activists say was being used by regime forces as a security headquarters. Ambulances rushed to the area and an initial report on state media said seven people were wounded."
To those of our readers who observe Yom Kippur, we wish you a Gmar Hatima Tova and a good new year. Let's take a moment to reflect on the fact that, while we were praying in our synagogues all day today, the death toll for Wednesday alone in the ongoing Syrian massacres reached 192 people [source].

UPDATE Wednesday night 11:30 pm: Walla News says the explosive projectile that crashed into the Golan today was a mortar.

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