Wednesday, September 26, 2012

26-Sep-12: Fourth (and final) part of the "Allah Islam" TV documentary went to air tonight

If you saw our posting [here] about the thoughtful Israeli television series that takes a remarkably close look at Europe's Moslems, you may be interested to know that the fourth episode of the four-part series went to air tonight on Israel's Channel 2, and is posted in full on the web.

Click the image below to view. Tonight's episode looks at Europe's Jewish communities and their experiences with Europe's fast-growing Moslem population. Again, few conclusions, and as with the first three parts, the audience is left to draw their own conclusions from what they see and hear.

Unfortunately there are no English subtitles. At this stage, the series is intended for an Israeli audience. But to judge from the impact and the responses we have seen, it's very likely to be repackaged for non-Israeli audiences very soon.

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