Sunday, July 01, 2007

30-Jun-07: Britain at war

The attacks in central London yesterday and Glasgow airport today are headline news tonight. These are not the first terror attacks on British soil in recent times - far from it. When another British airport came under attack last summer, we made a few observations that it would be impolite to repeat. (But re-reading what we wrote then may be interesting to some.)

Sadly, there are some messages here which, somehow, the British are failing to understand. We don't claim to be more knowledgeable about terror than others, but having experienced the murder of our child at the hands of hate-driven terrorists, and endured agenda-driven media reportage of the most superficial and inane kind, we have a passion for helping others understand.

This is why we offer the following advice.
  • To the BBC - bravo for using the right word in tonight's headlines: "UK terror threat now critical". Your absurd and self-serving guidelines have for years provided you with cover for distorted and dishonest coverage of what we Israelis endure at the hands of the haters. Those guidelines say: "The word "terrorist" itself can be a barrier rather than an aid to understanding. We should try to avoid the term, without attribution. We should let other people characterise while we report the facts as we know them."
    This is rubbish - something with which you plainly agree, at least when it comes to attacks on your homes. And rightly so. Please do stick with the use of the word "terrror" and "terrorists" when the facts support it and you will be doing your compatriots and tax-paying owners a large favour.
    This is not about militants in London or activists in Glasgow. War has been declared on you by the agents of terror. They know it and you know it. Terror is the right word - over there in the UK, over here in Israel, and everywhere else that the terrorists and their protagonists (a very, very large class) are to be found.
  • To our British friends: We ended our August 2006 blog entry with these words which we believe are as important and true now as then: "The war against the terrorists is a real war, as real as the Battle of Britain was, as real as the Hezbollah War is, as real as the Arafat War (some call it the Second Intifadeh) is. In war, you do what you need to do to win. When it is not happening to you, you can engage in silly rhetoric and superficial phraseology. When it is happening to you, your children, your home, your society, you do what you need to do. The terrorists understand that better than the rest of us."
We wrote that these are not the first terror attacks on British soil in recent times. The sad reality is they will not be the last. These attacks were neither foiled nor thwarted, as the media like to claim. They failed because of factors entirely unrelated to preventative measures. The largest of those factors seems at this time to have been luck. But luck is fickle and the war of civilized societies against terror is not being won. It's likely to get much, much worse before it gets better. There are absolutely no reasons to think otherwise.

This is the raw reality of living through an ongoing war.


Anonymous said...

Please don't think that the whole of Great Britain thinks the way that the wretched BBC does. We don't. It's official. In a report last week, the BBC finally admitted that it is out of touch with British public opinion on a whole range of issues. And about time too.

The British people are now suffering because of the wilful negligence of our leaders and security forces who have turned a blind eye to home-grown terror for far too long, because they thought that by so doing,they would avert Islamist violence from our shores.

They were wrong. We pay. All peoples living under appeasement minded governments pay.

Please remember us in your prayers. There are many Christians in the UK praying for Israel.

Anonymous said...

Huldah, I second that. Some of us here in the UK are as angry at the BBC as you in Israel are.

I heard the loathesome George Galloway tonight, on a radio station (not the BBC), and he was - to be fair to him - not making excuses for the would-be murderers; while naturally linking their actions to our foreign policy he nevertheless condemned them absolutely. But what made me sick was this: this same man who recognizes that there is no excuse or reason for attempting to murder innocent victims in HIS neck of the woods - Glasgow - is the same man who marches through London with his islamist friends under banners reading "We are all Hezbollah now". In short, he is a deceitful, vicious hypocrite, whose reasonable words tonight betray the fact that he sees Israeli lives as being worth less than British ones.

I hope the authors of this blog will be reassured that there are people here who will support Israel against theological or nationalistic fascism, whether Britain is under attack or not.

The BBC does not speak for all of us.