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01-Jun-17: Outside Mevo Dotan, another weaponized Pal Arab child/attacker and her victim

Mevo Dotan [Image Source]
Yet another Arab-on-Israeli stabbing this morning, and the attacker is again a child; a girl too young to vote or drive a car and armed with whatever came to hand - in her case, a screwdriver. Her victim has relatively mild injuries. The attacker was fended off by armed soldiers, and was shot.

Today's attack was at the entrance to Mevo Dotan, a community established in 1977 in the northern Samaria district and located about 40 kilometers due east of Hadera. Much - though not all - of the stabbing attack and its aftermath was captured on security camera video and has been uploaded for viewing on YouTube.

The attacker is initially reported to be a girl of 16 from Ya'bad, now fighting for her life in an Israeli hospital where her injuries are said to be critical. Ya'bad is where Izz ad-Din al-Qassam - a terrorist whose name is memorialized in a Hamas jihad unit - along with several of his men was killed by British forces in a cave nearby in 1935. (But we see that a different Arab media source [here] describes her as "said to be in her twenties", and does not give her name.)

The girl's victim is a young Israeli of 20, serving his compulsory IDF tour of duty. His injuries are being treated in that same Israeli hospital.

From Times of Israel's report:
Closed circuit video footage from the settlement shows the assailant walking calmly up to the front gate, before she goes out of frame. A few moments later, she can be seen running from the scene with one uniformed soldier and an armed off-duty soldier in pursuit. The moment the assailant was shot does not appear in the footage... The soldier, who is approximately 20 years old, was taken to Hadera’s Hillel Yaffe hospital for treatment, Magen David Adom said. He suffered a stab wound to the upper body, medics said. The assailant received first aid on the scene, before also being taken to Hillel Yaffe for treatment, the medics said.
Haaretz, quoting Palestinian Arab sources, says the attacker is Nof Ikab Abed al-Afar, age 16, from the nearby town of Ya'bad:
Afar arrived at the Mevo Dotan guard post, where she approached a soldier and stabbed him. She was then shot. Local settlers said that the she approached the gate to the settlement, carrying on even after a soldier at the post demanded that she stay away. 
The Arab media outlet Ma'an News Agency, adopting a familiar approach (allegedly), reports on "the alleged assailant" who "allegedly carried out a stabbing" and the security camera footage that "allegedly showed" whatever it showed. Then the editors get to their point:
Activists, and rights groups have denounced what they have termed a "shoot-to-kill" policy against Palestinians who did not constitute a threat at the time of their death, or who could have been subdued in a non-lethal manner... [Ma'an News Agency]
For a full-time, lavishly-funded (to a great extent by European governments, meaning in reality unwitting European taxpayers) news-gathering organization, they're rarely sure about anything at Ma'an when it comes to terror attacks on Israelis - except for being consistently certain that the Israeli reaction - usually while under actual frenzied attack by an armed, murder-minded Arab - was disproportionate and that whatever the Arabs did (allegedly) was no threat to anyone.

As for reporting on the real story here - the way school-age Palestinian Arab children keep appearing in these Arab-on-Israeli attack reports as the perpetrators - Ma'an is totally oblivious along with all of the Arab news organizations that we see and a large part of the mainstream non-Arab news companies.

Politely looking the other way as children are groomed to murder and be killed is a very large part of the reason why this horrifying reality keeps happening.

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