Monday, April 18, 2016

18-Apr-16: For the jihadists of Hamas, planting bombs on Israeli buses is something to sing about

The Hamas music-video is online here
The Islamist terror organization Hamas has praised this afternoon's attack on a Jerusalem city bus. But so far, at least, it has taken no credit for carrying it out.
Hamas praised the attack on the bus in Jerusalem but doesn't claim responsibility in a tweet from the official Hamas twitter account, The tweet in Arabic said "Hamas praises the operation in Jerusalem, and regards it as a natural reaction to Zionist crimes, specifically for the extrajudicial killings and the desecration of Al-Aqsa mosque." ["Hamas praises Jerusalem attack", Ynet. April 18, 2016]
Hamas' bashfulness is a little too disingenuous for its own blood-soaked history and track-record of savagery.

For instance, just six weeks ago, Hamas began promoting a music video [online here] in which a group of its singing-and-dancing all-stars parade in front of a bus made up (poorly) to look like it belongs to Egged, the veteran Israeli co-operative that operates most of Jerusalem's city buses. The Hamas mock-up is smoking and is meant to look it has been freshly exploded.

The Hamas video clip was first shown to an eager Palestinian Arab audience on the Hamas-operated Al-Aqsa satellite television network on February 6, 2016, and then beamed throughout the Arabic-speaking world via a multitude of streaming-video websites and cable networks that carry the terrorism-steeped Al-Aqsa programming.

Not a mock-up: The aftermath of today's bus attack on southern Jerusalem's Moshe Baram Street [Image Source]
Via Palestinian Media Watch [here], here's a taste of what the lyrics mean:
O bearer of good news, strap on an explosive belt
Nothing will be told about the Intifada except for the roof of the bus that flew off
O Martyrdom seeker, respond to Al-Aqsa’s call
Make the bomb even more powerful
Bring Netanyahu down
And the losses should be too many for him to count
Scatter them in all directions, terrorize their families...
Twenty-two years ago, almost to the day, in April 1994, Hamas carried out two bombing attacks on Israeli buses, one in the northern city of Afula (8 murdered, 55 victims injured) and another in the northern coastal city of Hadera, a week later (six killed, 30 injured). Murderous Hamas bombings of people traveling on Israeli buses evolved into an especially effective mode of jihadist warfare in the years that followed [table].


Anonymous said...

The credits in the film lead to this Facebook page, which provides pre-production stills to lay claim to having produced the inciting video. A video on the page portrays what looks like an adult guiding a teen into following an American-looking blue-jeans wearing man in a baseball hat as he shops.


This Ongoing War said...

The video equipment, the t-shirts, the tone, all suggest there's a certain degree of funding that has made the expanding work of New Line Productions from Tripoli, Lebanon possible since at least last summer. From a quick glance, they seem to do wedding "packages", media training, probably corporate image videos for Arab potentates as well as the bread-and-butter incitement of murder clips, presumably because that's less prone to seasonal swings. In the Islamist world, a career-minded person probably can't afford to be too narrowly focused.

Anonymous said...

They either stopped paying their bill or the US firm GoDaddy that used to be the ISP dumped them. Here's the band's facebook page, with some other wedding ditties that bring down the roof.

The domain name mentioned in their postings is now available.
from wordpress translation probably using stage names:
# Sagv_albas_tayr
Keywords: Walid Abu Hait
Composed by: Abdul Hai al-Khatib
Vision and Technical Supervision: Abd al-Khatib
General supervision: Mohammed Assadi
Recorded in a studio and Almiksag voice of promise
Audio engineering: Abdul Hai al-Khatib treatment
Distribution: Ahmed ADHAMI
Performance: the promise of a team of Islamic Art