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06-Nov-15: What Amnesty hath wrought: The elevation of the terror-minded Tamimis

Allow us to please recommend strongly that you go over to the website of The Tower to read an important investigative article authored by Petra Marquardt-Bigman (bio here). 

Under the title "How a Family Became a Propaganda Machine", she reveals how the Palestinian Arab Tamimi clan (about whose members we have written often) has become internationally renowned for their supposed advocacy of non-violence - in large measure due to to the indispensable support of Amnesty International. 

As the writer shows via a detailed drilling down into matters that rarely get reported, the undeserved elevation of the Tamimis to influence and prominence is done only by carefully overlooking how they really, truly and sincerely want an armed uprising against their Israeli neighbours. On an ongoing basis, from their base in a town called Nabi Saleh, these bigoted, violent and hateful people (and supporters of similar bent) contribute mightily towards ensuring that happens.

Here's a brief extract:
While almost everyone in Nabi Saleh is a member of the Tamimi clan, Bassem’s photogenic family—particularly his teenage daughter Ahed—has always been at the center of the media attention that the Nabi Saleh protests have assiduously cultivated. In 2013, Ahed made global headlines when she was bestowed with Turkey’s Handala Award for Courage by then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in recognition of her very public confrontation with Israeli security forces who had arrested her brother.
Bassem has long-served as the spokesman for Nabi Saleh’s supposedly non-violent protest movement. In an interview published in early May 2011 on the website The Electronic Intifada and promptly cross-posted at the website of the Hamas-affiliated al-Qassam Brigades, Bassem Tamimi outlined views he has since repeated many times. A quote from the interview—“our destiny is to resist”—has become something of a signature slogan for the Tamimis.
Bassem Tamimi had already expressed his hope in his Electronic Intifada interview that the regular protests in Nabi Saleh would provide “the basis for the third intifada.” Some two years later, a glowing tribute to the Tamimis featured as a New York Times Magazine cover story. In that piece, Tamimi declared: “If there is a third intifada … we want to be the ones who started it.” The hope that the almost weekly demonstrations at Nabi Saleh “could become something big”—“Like a third intifada”—has also been expressed by other members of the Tamimi family.
The image of the Tamimis presented in countless sympathetic media reports and vigorously promoted by their supporters is that they are courageous activists fighting for a just cause without resorting to violence. The organizers of Bassem Tamimi’s recent U.S. speaking tour describe him as “an internationally recognized Palestinian human rights activist from the West Bank farming village of Nabi Selah [sic], where weekly nonviolent demonstrations are held in opposition to illegal Israeli settlement construction and military occupation.”
Many of the organizations that sponsored Bassem’s cross-country tour during September and October are outspoken advocates of a boycott of Israel, among them Jewish Voice for Peace; Sabeel, a Palestinian-Christian organization that attacks Judaism with Islamist zeal; Students for Justice in Palestine; and the Middle East Children’s Alliance. The most prominent of all, and certainly the most recognizable, was that of Amnesty International.
Read on. The whole piece is deserving of the widest attention.

UPDATE November 7, 2015: At the request of several readers, some items here (from a longer list) about the Tamimi clan, Bassem Tamimi, and the essential role played by Amnesty International in irresponsibly turning him into the undeserved recipient of sympathy and support:

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