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30-Sep-15: With Amnesty at his side, why would so-called smear campaigns faze this child-abuser?

Bassem Tamimi visits an upstate NY school class to address
8 year old children on the Palestinian Arab view of the Arab vs
Israel conflict; gets warm reception from local political
activist [Background]
Amnesty is pushing back in classic Amnesty fashion after a small storm erupted in the wake of the abhorrent Bassem Tamimi's official visit to a Grade 3 school class in Ithaca NY. 

There's some background:to the ruckus in Washington Free Beacon, Legal Insurrection, and via the contemporary historian Petra Marquardt-Bigman who has written several well-researched pieces on the Tamimi clan and what makes it so (ahem) special

There's also a published apology to parents from the Ithaca school district superintendent in the wake of the Tamimi visit.

Mr. Tamimi's goal must have seemed innocent enough - for someone as deeply dedicated as he to providing camouflage for murderous terrorism. He was there, in a program funded and organized (disgracefully) by Amnesty International and a small raft of off-the-edge extremist grouplets [see "13-Sep-15: A roadshow and its groupies"] to initiate the upstate NY town's eight year olds (a demographic for which Mr Tamimi has a demonstrated passion) into the secret arts of resistance and their bizarre brand of non-violence

We can only speculate that whoever had the idea of putting him in front of impressionable children must really believe the man from Nabi Saleh in the hills north of Jerusalem is an expert source of best practices in elementary school messaging. 

Whatever, like many in the dark netherworld of Palestinian Arab violence, terror and cynical abuse of their own communities, Bassem Tamimi has demonstrated that he's adept at squeezing the most out of children

Also highly relevant (though concealed from view, at least for those not wanting to see): the Tamimis of Nabi Saleh have murdered a startling number of innocent victims. Most of their victims were, of course, Jewish.

Amnesty's "Country Specialist - Israel/OPT/State of Palestine", Edith "Edie" Garwood, published a press release on Monday which we have just spotted. Backed by the full power and credibility of the global Amnesty enterprise and its astonishing $94M annual budget, it's subtly entitled "Beverly J. Martin Elementary School receives undeserved backlash"

Campaigning: Bassem Tamimi and local activist exchange views
on "resistance" with Grade 3 scholars in Ithaca classroom [Background]
(NGO-Monitor has a detailed dossier on Amnesty International, an organization that began nearly half a century ago with fine principles but which has lost its way - and its moral compass - in serious fashion. There's also some relevant background on Amnesty's Country Specialist here.)

In a note published on the extreme-left Kibush website, the Amnesty functionary writes that the 'rights'-group's pushback is being published
in response to a smear campaign and some bad publicity surrounding an event during Bassem Tamimi’s US speaking tour. Amnesty International USA is one of a coalition of groups sponsoring the tour. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are future attacks or challenges during the remaining stops of his tour as his village of Nabi Saleh is starting to get the attention of international media and there are some who don’t like it. [The added bolding is ours.] 

Tamimi is in the Bay Area today, moving on to several other California towns, then back to Boston and Washington at the end of 6 maximum-impact weeks. More details here: "29-Sep-15: In the Bay Area? Boston? Washington DC? Help us claim back the real meaning of human rights". We hope people with a genuine regard for human rights (that's rights without quotation marks - there are such things) will take the opportunity to protest the abusive misuse of Amnesty's public standing and help to expose the hatefulness on show when Tamimi is given a platform.

Finally, not for the first time, we repeat yet again the so-far ignored questions we began posing some weeks ago ["04-Sep-15: Mr. Human Rights Defender, a question if we may"] to Tamimi and his handlers, who have so far avoided answering them:
Bassem Tamimi, tell us in simple words: are you as delighted by your cousin Ahlam Tamimi's massacre of Jewish children as she is? Have you criticized it ever, anywhere? Will you condemn it here and now?
Perhaps some kind reporters, or attendees at the Tamimi worship sessions, might ask on our behalf, and let us know the response. (To be candid, we're not holding our breaths.)

The massacre we mention is described here. It's where the life of our precious fifteen year-old daughter Malki endedBassem Tamimi and the mother of his abused children are the stuff of our nightmares. If people understood them better, they would probably have the same problem we do.

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