Thursday, October 01, 2015

01-Oct-15: Thursday morning stabbing attack thwarted

A home in the Israeli community of Einav [Image Source]
The ordinary, lethal Palestinian Arab violence that slowly exacts a high price on both sides continues.

A Palestinian Arab male attempted a stabbing attack on an IDF officer in the very early hours of this morning (Thursday) near the Samaria-region community of Einav (population: about 600). Times of Israel says the would-be attacker approached soldiers at a roadblock holding a knife in his hand. There was an "ensuing altercation" in which the attacker was injured, and then treated by a Palestinian Red Crescent crew. He was removed from the scene shortly afterwards by the IDF for interrogation. Israel National News reports that one of the soldiers was also hurt.

Einav, a short drive from Netanya and the coast, was in the news two years ago [report] when a terrorist infiltration of the community was thwarted by the IDF, and in 2012 when an axe-wielding Palestinian Arab rammed his car into a vehicle being driven by security personnel.

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