Wednesday, July 23, 2014

23-Jul-14: Parliamentary question

A thought about David Ward, MP for Bradford East in the UK Parliament:
Or to put that another way: 
"The big question is, if David Ward MP, a politician who evidently understands angry Islamists, had the chance to do so, would he dispatch a young religious fanatic with a bag full of explosives into a restaurant filled with women and children in order to have him explode there and kill and maim as many as possible of the Israelis around him? Probably yes."
Does he even understand what Hamas stands for? We're ready to give him some first-hand guidance

What are reasonable people to make of the thundering silence from his Liberal Democrat colleagues? And from his fellow Parliamentarians? What are his constituents saying about him in Bradford East tonight? Is this something we ought to examine? Does anyone care to know?

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