Thursday, October 11, 2012

11-Oct-12: Eshkol region of southern Israel under rocket fire again in last few minutes

Eye-witness reports are coming in of another incoming rocket (it might be a mortar) that has crashed and exploded in southern Israel's beleagured Eshkol region, home to 14 kibbutz communities, 13 moshavim and several additional towns. This happened around 7 this evening (Thursday) - twenty minutes before these words are published. The targets in Eshkol are virtually all civilian - don't let polemicists tell you that military targets are under attack there. The non-uniformed terrorists fire at whatever is reachable, whenever it suits them. They lob their mortar fire and their Qassam explosive rockets in Israel's general direction, and seek only to hurt and damage. This is what qualifies these savages as terrorists.

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