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7-Jan-11: If these terror attacks go unreported, did they happen?

AP's contribution yesterday
We know from experience that it is simply not possible to understand terrorism or the fight to defeat terrorism without knowing what is being done in the name of terrorism. So drawing on Israel Defence Force news sources here is a summary of what this past week delivered.
  • Saturday 1-Jan-11: A single Qassam rocket fired into Israel from Gaza crashed into open land within the Sha’ar Hanegev region of southern Israel. Some 6,500 people live in the vicinity. Fortunately no one on the Israeli side was hurt.
  • Sunday 2-Jan-11: Another Gazan rocket was fired into Israel, landing in the Eshkol region of southern Israel where some 10,000 people live. None of them was injured, thankfully, but that was not the intention of the jihadists.
  • Tuesday 4-Jan-11: Another Qassam rocket from Gaza was fired into Israel [we reported it] and crashed into an undisclosed site within the Hof Ashkelon region, home to to 13,000 residents, causing damage to agricultural buildings (greenhouses are a big piece of Israel's taming of the desert lands). Fortunately no injuries to life or limb, at least on the Israeli side.
  • Wednesday 5-Jan-11, seven mortar shells [we reported when the number was only two] were fired into southern Israel's Eshkol region. Despite the multiple attempts, the terrorists failed to cause any loss of life.
  • Thursday 6-Jan-11, another rocket fired from Gaza, this time landing in the Sedot Negev region in the south. 8,000 residents live there. Not one of them was hurt, thank heavens.
Last night, Thursday, the IDF struck back at two terror-related sites. Israeli Air Force (IAF) planes hit what it called a terrorist activity center in the northern Gaza Strip, and also a weapons manufacturing facility in the central Gaza Strip, both operated by Hamas, the dominant power in the area. Palestinian Arab sources confirm this and say no humans were hurt.

During 2010, some 235 rockets and missiles (including Grads, Qassams and mortar shells) were fired into Israel by the terrorists of Gaza. The total for 2011, meaning one week, so far, is eleven. Not a single one of them was aimed at a military or strategic target. (This is absolutely not surprising, unless you fail to understand what the terrorists want.)

How may of them were mentioned in any of the news sources that reach your community?

Not knowing what the terrorists do makes it impossible to understand the actions of their victims - Israel, for instance - in taking steps to keep them at bay. The mainstream news media could play a constructive role in this life-and-death interaction; generally they do not. The AP photo above (count the cameras) gives us a taste  of the kind of material many editors prefer.

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