Wednesday, January 05, 2011

5-Jan-11: Incoming rockets again: zero impact on reporters (as usual); terrifying to the innocent victims

Ashkelon's southern fringe

Qassam rockets were fired into Israel yet again yesterday (Tuesday). The source, as usual: the terrorist gangs of the Hamas-controlled Gazan jihad regime. The target: Any place in Israel where there is a chance of damaging Israeli lives or property. But in fact (as happens so frequently) the rockets (according to Ynet) struck somewhere undisclosed within the administrative region called Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. Fortunately these latest haphazard attempts of the terrorists produced no injuries to people. But there is damage to several greenhouses. The area, entirely desert until Israeli energy and initiative turned it into Israel's very productive vegetable garden in the fifties, is home to numerous agricultural communities. A Haaretz report says one of Tuesday's rockets hit Ashkelon's southern fringe.

If you are looking for conventional media coverage of these attacks, good luck. In normal circumstances rocket attacks like yesterday's would properly be regarded as acts of war if Israel's relations were with a normal sovereign state. But given that we have a border with a dysfunctional, Islamicist puppet client statelet that takes its inspiration and direction from the Mullahs of Teheran, these are instead considered terrorist attacks. And since they exacted no lives, they go unreported.

Not so the Israeli response. Today's syndicated Agence France Press report is headlined "Israeli warplanes hit Gaza: Palestinians".  And Xinhua starts its report thus: "Israeli airplanes attack two targets in Gaza".
Ynet's version: The Air Force attacked two targets in the Gaza Strip Tuesday in response to the firing of Qassam rockets at Israel earlier in the day. The Palestinians did not report any injuries. The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said that in a joint operation with the Shin Bet forces attacked a smuggling tunnel and a terrorist center in the Gaza Strip. According to the Palestinians, the site served as a training base for Hamas's military wing, Izz al-Din al-Qassam. 
Reality check for those of us more-than-fed-up with the selective reportage of news media located far from where the terrorist missiles fall: during 2010, more than 230 rockets and mortar shells were fired into Israel by the Gazans. We are currently (January) in what Israeli observers are calling "an escalation in the area". 

Not an escalation of reporting, of course but of life-threatening violent actions by the hatred-driven religious fanatic barbarians on our southern border.

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