Wednesday, October 27, 2010

27-Oct-10: The headline says it all

The screenshot above comes from an ex-pat Iranian website called (not especially friendly to our viewpoints as the subheading shows), and relates to a woman whose public statements and activities have gotten more than a modest degree of media attention. We thought it only right to give some exposure to what some ordinary Iranians are saying about her decision to undergo a religious conversion.

UK newspaper columnist Julie Burchill offers some fairly pungent criticism of the same woman in today's The Independent (UK) including this: "The spectacle of Booth attempting to rap in the celebrity jungle does seem to indicate that she is the sort of dweeb who would do anything to get in with the tough kids – who she now perceives as being the Muslims... What sort of woman freely converts to a religion which supports the oppression, torment and murder of thousands of Christians, homosexuals and spirited women, worldwide, every year?"

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