Monday, January 21, 2008

21-Jan-08: Electric wars - a sad tale of two realities

One version of tonight's reality:
Israel approves Gaza power cuts (BBC)

Gaza City plunged into darkness
Gaza's only power plant shuts down, saying it has run out of fuel because of increased Israeli restrictions.
Israel's defence minister has approved sanctions against Gaza, including cuts in the supply of electricity and fuel to try to halt rocket attacks. Ehud Barak authorised the cuts, which are expected to follow immediately after rocket attacks are launched. Palestinian leaders say the measure amounts to collective punishment. Israel supplies 60% of the electricity for Gaza's 1.5 million inhabitants - but last month Israel declared Gaza a "hostile entity".
Meanwhile a completely different perspective:

'We're supplying electricity to Gaza under Qassam fire' (YNet)

The Israeli Electric Company (IEC) is supplying nearly 70% of electricity to the Gaza Strip despite Palestinians' claims of a power shortage in Gaza, said Miko Zarfati, the chairman of the workers' committee at the power company. "This is Palestinian spin. No one has stopped the supply of electricity to the Strip," Zarfati told Ynet. He claimed that his employees worked day and night in a power plant in Ashkelon while putting themselves in danger of being hit by Qassam rockets falling in the area. The Gaza power plant only produces 30% of the electricity consumed in the Strip while Israel supplies the rest. "It is simply offensive and arrogant for them to claim that there is shortage," Zarfati said. The IEC employee was upset that Israel continues to supply electricity to Gaza while the Qassam rockets continue to land in the western Negev. "The situation is totally absurd. We're continuing to supply them electricity despite the (demand) overload for electricity in Israel and despite the fact that Israeli residents and Electric Company workers that are being sent to Gaza Vicinity communities are under threat from Qassam rockets," Zarfati railed. "The Electric Company sends people to fix power outages that are caused from the Qassam barrages everyday in Sderot and the Gaza vicinity and more than one worker has already been injured in these rocket attacks."
The gall. The jihadists of Gaza fire rockets into Israel's Ashkelon power station day and night for months, aiming to knock it out. They do this even though the same plant is the source of most of their (Gazan) electricity. Finally after months of this appalling terrorist warfare, Israel says "enough". It doesn't stop supplying power to Gaza but it cuts back on fuel supplies to the Strip. The jihadist Hamas regime then shuts down its own small power station, plunging the entire area into darkness, announces that babies are dying because of the absence of power, and cries to the world that the Israelis did it.

And the BBC (among others) dutifully falls into line.

Time for someone to switch on some lights in Bush House.

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