Sunday, December 02, 2007

2-Dec-07: If the major media don't report it, did it happen?

We believe a certain proportion of the irrational knee-jerk hostility to Israeli self-defence measures stems from sheer ignorance. Hardly any media channel outside Israel reports the near-daily rocket attacks on Israeli towns, communities, settlements, houses, schools and cars. All of Israeli society ends up paying the price when people - and that includes politicians, journalists and public figures of influence - don't get the basic facts.

This afternoon yet another Qassam rocket landed in an open field in southern Israel close to the Gaza Strip from where it emanated. (See "27-Nov-07: A rocket attack every three hours" for some of the context.) YNet says there were neither injuries nor property damage - but as too many people seem to forget, this was not, and never will be, the intentions of the terror-minded thugs who fire these things. They want to kill. Two additional Qassam rockets struck Israel's western Negev region earlier today. No injuries or property damage there either.

Ynet and Haaretz both report that a Palestinian opened fire at soldiers at the Qalandiya checkpoint north of Jerusalem this afternoon. He arrived at the checkpoint, one of the many which Israel's critics say need to be dismantled in the interests of peace, and pulled out a gun, opening fire at Israeli soldiers. He pulled off two shots before his pistol jammed and IDF forces overcame him. Another Palestinian, waiting at the checkpoint, was injured by the shooting. He's now in hospital for treatment.

As we've noted here, Israelis are especially watchful and edgy (see 25-Nov-07: Heightened anxiety) about escalating terror attacks this past two weeks. Security forces raised the official alert level across Israel to the highest level a week ago. Intelligence reports point to many of the numerous anti-peace factions among the Palestinians (see "Hamas: Jews Out") aiming to pull off a showcase attack in connection with the Annapolis peace conference process. YNet describes how security forces are now deployed in crowded places and hitchhiking posts, both around the seam line area and in city centers. The defense establishment currently has pinpoint intelligence regarding 10 potential terror attacks and general alerts concerning 10 others.

UPDATE: Sunday 5:15pm - Haaretz is reporting that eight mortar shells, fired from the Gaza Strip, have landed near Kibbutz Nahal Oz; no injuries reported. YNet says there were ten mortars. People live and work all over that area.

UPDATE: Sunday 9:30pm - Today's toll of mortars fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip, according to Haaretz, has climbed to fifteen.

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