Tuesday, November 27, 2007

27-Nov-07: A rocket attack every three hours

Haaretz says the Israel Air Force attacked a Hamas post in Khan Yunis Tuesday. The attack came after a day of mortar shells fired at Israel, with some landing near the Kerem Shalom community. Four Qassams and four mortars were fired into Israel during the day.

Little noticed by anyone other than Israelis, Palestinian-Arab terrorists have fired an average of one Qassam rocket every 3 hours into Israel day after day since June. They don't care who or what they hit - that's what makes them terrorists. Some 200 rockets have been fired into Israel since the beginning of November alone.

Israel has the military hardware to make this stop immediately - but chooses restraint instead. Keep this in mind the next time casualty figures are publicized by their propagandists.

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