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9-Jun-07: At the heart of the ongoing tragedy, official indoctrination

The ongoing destruction of the lives, culture and society of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian-Arab children at the hands of their own religious and political leadership continues to be ignored.

We were among many observers to write last month about a Disney-like mouse character created by the Hamas regime who appears on their TV screens encouraging suicide in the name of hating the Jews.

An incisive report in today's Australian newspaper focuses on the unparalleled work of Palestinian Media Watch, a Jerusalem-based organization almost unique in the world in connecting the dots and revealing the horror of the widespread Pal-Arab manipulation of their own children.
For a population of little more than two million people in the territories, Palestinians would seem to have a thriving media with as many as 25 private TV stations. But there is remarkable uniformity. Programming on the two main satellite TV stations, PBC TV, also Fatah-controlled, and Hamas's al-Aqsa TV, which began satellite broadcasts in February, is indistinguishable. Fatah TV is very religious, interrupting programs for prayers five times a day and broadcasting nothing but sermons during Ramadan. There are also three newspapers: one belongs to Hamas, another to Fatah, and one is independent. Yet there is not much diversity of views.
Itamar Marcus, PMW's director, has published evidence of a transformation in the Palestinian struggle from a nationalist battle to a religious conflict - and the implications of that transformation.
"From 1996 to 2000 we saw a steady incitement to hatred but it wasn't violence," he says. "In July 2000, it shifted to violence for God. It became so intense that on September 30 [2000] we reported that 'the atmosphere today in Palestinian media is on the eve of the outbreak of war'. A week later, the intifada began."
Palestinian schoolbooks, which have been produced since 2000 by the Fatah-controlled ministry of education, couch the Palestinian struggle in religious terminology. The invaluable euFunding website has been documenting this for years, with photographic evidence. But it continues unabated.
"As long as the conflict was nationalistic, territorial, compromise could be a possibility. Once it's been packaged as a religious conflict for God, it makes it literally impossible to compromise," Marcus says.
Apologists for the Pal-Arabs will likely identify with yet another call today on behalf of the Hamas regime, this time via Palestinian Minister of "Health", Dr. Radwan Al Akhras, that "Israel should stop targeting, women, children elderly and handicapped persons".

For people looking for simplistic analysis of a complex conflict, this is all they need to hear. Pal-Arab culpability will not even enter the picture. Meanwhile the brazen, cold-blooded cultivation of a death-cult among its own children by the Palestinian ruling clique continues unabated.

The entire article from The Australian is here.

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