Sunday, May 06, 2007

6-May-07: It's raining death... again

Yesterday (Saturday), one of the Hamas "government's" most prominent and consistently credible agents, politbureau chief Khaled Mashaal, declared to the utter astonishment of no one that the Hamas Palestinian Arab government intends to continue to bombard Israeli towns, houses and schools at every opportunity.

Demonstrating that when they threaten death the practitioners of terror absolutely mean it, Hamas operatives today (Sunday) fired five barrages of Qassam rockets into any Israeli residential areas that they can reach. A man standing near a gas station was severely injured, suffering shrapnel wounds all over his body; he's in hospital being treated for injuries. And the day's not over yet.

Yesterday, the day we honor as the Sabbath, they fired five more. An Israeli home took a direct hit.

What's particularly interesting about Mashaal vowing that the Palestinian Arab rocket fire will not stop is that Associated Press and other news sources continue, even today, to refer to a Palestinian Arab "cease fire". 

For them, we'll repeat what the politbureau thug said in Damascus 24 hours ago:
"I officially declare Hamas's rejection of this document or any American, European, Israeli or even Arab project that diminishes the Palestinian cause like this... The Zionist and American schemes to trigger Palestinian civil war will fail. Those who are bidding on an internal Palestinian explosion are living in an illusion. The only explosion will be in the face of the Zionists."
Unfortunately for Israelis living on undisputed Israeli land in proximity to the cesspools of the emerging Pal-Arab polity in Gaza, whenever the fratricidal Fatah -v- Hamas blood-letting reaches fever pitch, as it is this week, the rockets start to fly into the cottages, shops, factories and schools on our side of the border. (Boycott fueled Fatah-Hamas tensions".)  

Fratricide, of course, being s-o-o-o boring, it's unreasonable to expect the mainstream media to report on this. Much more interesting to hammer away at the reports of unprovoked Israeli aggression. A pity because there are some really interesting things being done by Hamas lately.

For instance, Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook in PMW reported today that a squeaky-voiced Mickey Mouse look-alike named Farfur is the star of a weekly children’s program called Tomorrow’s Pioneers on official Hamas TV. Farfur and his co-host, a young girl named Saraa’, teach children about such things as the importance of the daily prayers and drinking milk, while taking every opportunity to indoctrinate young viewers with teachings of Islamic supremacy, hatred of Israel and the US and support of "resistance" – the Palestinian euphemism for terror. Children must pray in the mosque five times a day until there is “world leadership under Islamic leadership.” Soft-spoken Saraa’ explains that the nucleus of this world Islamic leadership will be from “all of Palestine,” i.e., including Israel. Farfur refers to Israel as “the oppressive invading Zionist occupation,” which the children must "resist."

Though (or because) it's targeted at a very young audience, Saraa’ announces that after death, the children will have to answer to Allah for what they did or did not do for the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, and for Palestinian prisoners.

Amazing how many Europeans believe this is the way to build a democratic, peace-oriented future for the children of this region.



Anonymous said...

The more I read your tripe the more I feel your daughter is better off dead instead of growing up into a scumbag like you.

Incognito said...

What a vile comment! Of course, they lack the balls, (excuse my language)to publish their name.

The Palestinians will never stop because they never have nor ever will want peace.

Keep up the good work!

Janina from Amsterdam said...

From today’s edition of Palestinian Media Watch, here’s the death cult propaganda that’s being fed into the minds of children, and that the media are hiding from you:

Farfur, star of the Al Aqsa TV children’s show Tomorrow’s Pioneers, was joined on today’s broadcast by his regular co-host, a little girl named Saraa. Today’s program also featured an adult, Hazim, who delivered most of the show’s messages about Islamic supremacy.

Hazim told the child viewers that Islam will spread all over the world, including Spain, and that the spread of Islam is for the world’s benefit. He said the “massacres” in Iraq Lebanon and Palestine will be replaced by “love and justice” under Islamic rule. ...

It appears from today’s broadcast that the Hamas or PA officials who oversaw today’s show were concerned only with neutralizing the dialogue spoken by the Mickey Mouse character, Farfur, and not with moderating the show’s content. It is as if they decided that the show’s messages, which also promote hatred of Israel and the US, are completely acceptable — as long as the more inflammatory comments are not coming from the knockoff of Disney’s beloved mouse.

The following is some of the dialogue:

Hazim (Adult): Islam will spread to all parts of the earth from one end to the other and justice and good and kindness will spread. Did history witness a time period better than that when Islam ruled?...
Saraa: You beloved kids will be the ones who shall restore the glory and the culture of the [Islamic] Nation.
Hazim (Adult): Every day do you remember Andalus (Spain)? This dear Andalus will return one day.
Hazim (Adult): Do you remember Baghdad?... Baghdad which cries out in pain in these times... we shall return ... we the Muslims shall return as we used to be...

Farfur: “1000 blessings of Islam, blessings of the resident of Garden [of Eden]...”
Hazim (Adult): “The honor of Islam will return through knowledge.”

Girl call in: chants song:
“Oh Jerusalem we are coming,
Oh Jerusalem it is the time of death.
Oh Jerusalem we will never surrender to the enemy
And we will never be humiliated.
It is beloved Palestine that taught us what to be.”

Girl call in: “I want to be a preacher to spread Islam in the world...”
Hazim (Adult): “We will spread Islam because people don’t realize it is the religion of love and good and peace.”
Du’aa calls in: “I am the Palestinian child...
Hazim (Adult): ”There is also the Iraq child if you saw him who is being murdered... and on the news yesterday we saw the fetus who was killed... and what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine and a while ago in Lebanon – the situation is very very bad.... But a day will come and Islam will rule the world and there will be justice love and peace and all people will love each other....
[Group talks about massacres in Iraq Palestine and Lebanon]
Hazim (Adult): “When Islam will rule love and justice will prevail for sure.”...

Janina from Amsterdam said...

I have just now noticed the anonymous comment of the "tripe/scumbag" hero. All the deaths and the injuries on both sides of this war are mostly because of people like him or her. You cannot put all the blame on the Arab nation because the hatred and barbarism which they are expressing all the time towards all of non-Arabs and non-Muslims is built into their culture so deep that no one can fix it. But people from the west like the "tripe/scumbag" hero, they are 100 percent racist filth. They have no excuse. They get all the news from all the sources all the time. They live in a democratic society. And then they come up with his/her racialist prejudice. For them, there is no hope. Just the rest of us have to struggle to expose them. If this we do not do then we have no chance against the open racists and haters.

anne said...

I agree with what you said Janinna. I just want to add one thing.
I think anyone who comes on to a website to harass and make cruel,hateful remarks for no other reason then to harass and demonize parents whose daughter was brutally murdered by terrorists is truly the epitome of a true evil. He/she is most likely a Nazi who would commit another Holocaust against the Jewish people if given only half the chance.

ophelia said...

i saw the video on youtube and i wonder if that little girl is even realizing the meaning of what she's saying. it's a far cry from spongebob and dora the explorer, i'll tell you that.

ophelia said...

to the first person:
uh, uh! that shit don't fly! if you're going to say that their child is better off dead or some other shit like that, at least have the balls to leave your name.

sorry for the language, mr. roth. you don't have to publish this if you don't want to. that just ticked me off and i HAD to say something.

Anonymous said...


more whining from Jewish bigots

just par for the course at this hate site