Sunday, May 27, 2007

27-May-07: Sunday morning death by missile

A Palestinian terror attack on southern Israel today took the life of the father of a three year-old girl. His name is Oshri Oz. He was 36 and he worked for a Sderot-based construction company called Peretz Bonei HaNegev. His wife is pregnant. Oz's car was hit directly by one of a volley of 4 Qassam missiles. Another person was injured and several others had to be treated for shock. School children waiting for buses to take them to their first day of classes outside of Qassam missile range panicked on hearing the incoming rocket alert.


Anonymous said...

If only Israel were interested in peace this would not be happening on a regular basis.

Jon said...

Yeah, how dare Israel violate the Gaza cease fire after being attacked! They should sit around and wait for Hamas/Islamic Jihad/whoever to come around to their side and stop firing rockets at civilians. Maybe if they asked them nicely, Israel would have peace.

gharqad-tree said...

anonymous - please read the post here on Palestinian child brainwashing, watch the genuine clips from Hamas and PA TV, and then tell us all how interested in peace the Palestinian Arabs are.

If Israel were interested in peace, it might... I don't know, make the enormously painful concession of pulling all settlers out of the Gaza Strip, handing it over to its enemies, and then sitting back and doing less than any other country in the world would to defend itself against literally hundreds of rocket attacks.

Rudeness is not usually my thing, but honestly, you are just plain ignorant

Anonymous said...

gharqad-tree you think I am ignorant when the truth is that either you aer ignorant or are a plain old bigot

go educate yourself on the real history of Arab-Israeli relations, not the tripe your Zionist teachers have spoon fed you, and perhaps you might understand why the culture of hatred has emerged in the OT

people tend to hate those who oppress and steal from them

you should read some Uri Avnery

gharqad-tree said...

People also tend to hate those who are described in their holy books as pigs and apes, the enemies of god, the sources of all wickedness on the earth, enemies who will be killed before the final hour arrives.

I have no Zionist teachers, I need no history lessons from someone who believes that Israel has 'stolen' from the Palestinian Arabs, and as for bigotry - my holy books contain nothing remotely comparable to the filth that Palestinian culture spews out about Jews on a regular basis.

If you could maybe address any of that instead of making absurd assumptions about an English art student being spoon-fed by Zionist teachers. What a joke! (In case you hadn't noticed, the UK's teachers aren't exactly noted for their pro-Zionist stance these days).

I see now I was being generous when I called you ignorant; you don't have that excuse. You are arrogant, you are a dupe, and if it's ok for you to assume that I am a bigot with Zionist teachers (sorry, I'm still laughing) then I presume it would be ok for me to come right out and call you a swivel-eyed self-righteous old Anti-Semite?

One thing is very clear though: you have no answer to the fact that Israel has demonstrated a desire for peace by withdrawing from Gaza even in the absence of any kind of peace deal, and that the Palestinian response has been to launch many hundreds of rocket attacks against civilians. You see a culture that is educating children to hate, to kill, and to die, and yet you say Israel is the party that doesn't want peace.

Can you answer one question honestly: which side are educating their children to carry on this conflict into the next generation?

I'm wasting my time; as Swift said, you can't reason someone out of a position they weren't reasoned into.

Anonymous said...

"Can you answer one question honestly: which side are educating their children to carry on this conflict into the next generation? "


With regards to Gaza, if I steal $1000 from you and offer and offer oyu $500 back is that a true attempt at settlement?

Your ID evidences the fact that you are a Zionist twit. The fact that you have fallen back on the old canard that Zionists always use of labelling anyone who stands up for the rights of the indigenous Arabs as an anti-semite is further proof.

It is obvious one cannot reason with you as you are an uneducated bigot and nothing more. You should stick to art, not politics or ethics as you seem to have a weak grasp of both.

Anonymous said...


Why not tell us what Jewish holy books tell us about non-Jews?

Nice try hypocrite.

gharqad-tree said...

anonymous, so many errors and basic mistakes it's hard to know where to start, or if indeed it's worth it.

My ID has nothing zionist about it. As you know, the islamic holy books anticipate a time when the "muslim will kill the Jew", and even the rocks and trees will surrender the Jew up for death at the hands of islam. As a non-Jew who lives in a country where attacks on Jews are rising at an alarming rate, my ID is nothing more than my way of saying that I detest anti-semitism and those who believe that for religious reasons Jews deserve death. I trust you have no problem with that, and that in the absence of a better explanation you will retract your idiotic assertion. Or do you know better than I do why I chose it?

And what, exactly, does YOUR ID prove? That you're a coward?

Your analogy of theft is so clever! Please explain when Israel stole from the Palestinians. Do you mean the land that had been formerly stolen by Jordan and Egypt, which no-one seemed to mind? Do you mean the land that was taken from Jordan in the course of a war which Israel begged Jordan not to enter in the first place? I can see we're dealing with an expert here...

Ignoring the historical facts, and pretending for one moment that Israel stole this land, let's examine your analogy further:

"if I steal $1000 from you and offer you $500 back is that a true attempt at settlement?"

If I attacked you several times and lost $1000 in the process that's my tough luck. If you give me $500 back and I spend it on weapons to use against you, I can kiss the rest goodbye. Welcome to the world of common sense.

As for labelling you an anti-semite, I actually didn't. You will notice the presence of the word 'would' in the sentence in question. I was hypothesising in the light of your moronic labelling of me. Perhaps when your brain cools down (or wakes up) your reading will improve.

Personal insults aside, there is one glance towards substantive argument in your reply - the single word 'both'. I notice it's an assertion backed up by a complete absence of evidence or argument, which I'm beginning to recognise as one of your intellectual fingerprints.

As for Jewish holy books, as a non-Jew I have no problem with them. And incidentally, I say that as a university graduate in theology (another subject that this uneducated bigot has studied at university level, and no - still no Zionist teachers there either). As a non-Jew I find the treatment of Jews in islamic holy books disgusting. The citation that I mentioned above in reference to my ID, being merely one among many examples.

On the basis of what you've written, I would agree with one thing you said - it's obvious you cannot reason with me, though not perhaps for the reasons you assert.