Monday, November 15, 2021

15-Nov-21: What values guide our societies and where does justice fit in?

Wanted posters issued in multiple languages by the US Department
of Justice and the FBI when terror charges against the
Jordanian fugitive were 
unsealed in March 2017
In October 2020, a little over a year ago, Arnold Roth - one of the two bloggers who produce the contents of this site - was interviewed by British media presenter, sports journalist, and political commentator Jonny Gould.

The discussion ranged from what the most important single part of the British media had just done ["22-Oct-20: Whose business is it if BBC engages in advocacy journalism?"] to some unreported consequences of the 2011 Gilad Shalit prisoner release deal and on to the large and consequential matter of justice and what happens when our societies and their leaders stop giving it the absolute respect it has to get. 

And along the way, the matter of how can peace be done with Jordan. As Jonny Gould notes in the interview, the US is Jordan's largest provider of foreign aid. It gives billions of dollars to the Hashemite Kingdom each year. Why, he asks, is the US cozying up to the Jordanian king, Abdullah II, even as Jordan provides ongoing sanctuary to a killer who faces trial in the United States for her role in the murder of US citizens. (The reference is to our murdered daughter Malki, 15, who was a US national.) 

We're currently involved in renewed, immensely frustrating, contacts with senior officials of three governments as we continue to press for the Jordanian government (with whom we are not in any sort of dialogue and never have been) to be told what it must do - but still refuses - with the fugitive pizzeria bomber whom they have illicitly harbored since 2017, Ahlam Tamimi.

Against that background, here is a video of last year's interview.

Our sincere appreciation to Jonny Gould. Few journalists of the many with whom we have engaged in all the years of our campaigning come as well prepared as Jonny or as articulate as he is.

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