Sunday, July 25, 2021

25-Jul-21: What we said in the media about King Abdullah's visit

Last week in the White House
Jordan's King Abdullah II is now back on Jordanian soil after more than three weeks of official travels in the United States. Only the last part - about a week in and around Washington - has gotten media coverage in the US. 

If, as we think is the case, his intentions and those of his handlers were to avoid getting cornered on the Tamimi issue, it has pretty much turned out to be a stunning success. 

He was not interviewed at all as far as we can tell, though we see he is advertised to be appearing later today on the weekly CNN talk show hosted by Fareed Zakaria. (This was very likely recorded before he left Washington.) 

He also succeeded in making not a single public comment about Jordan harboring for the past near-decade the self-confessed bomber of Jerusalem's Sbarro pizzeria. Did he make statements about this behind closed doors? We may never know but as of the time of writing, the answer appears to be no.

We worked hard at trying to be heard. The US media have never made that easy and we are grateful to all the talented and willing professionals, colleagues and friends who advised us and gave a helping hand. 

The results, meaning what got published, are in the table below. (It's an embedded PDF - if you have problems accessing it, please be in touch with us at 

The actual results are another matter. We will be updating on them shortly.

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