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15-Nov-20: On SKY Australia, Arnold Roth says what he thinks about the BBC promoting Tamimi

The following article first appeared on the Sky News Australia website on October 18, 2020. The video segment aired on SKY's Outsiders program the same day. Apologies for being so slow to post it here. We've been distracted. 

And great thanks to Rowan Dean for reaching out and creating the opportunity for our cause - getting the Jordanian terrorist extradited from Jordan to face trial in Washington DC - to get some Australian media exposure.

Father of murdered child ‘nauseated’ BBC gave terrorist killer a platform

October 18, 2020

Arnold Roth – the father of 15-year-old Malki Roth who was murdered in a 2001 terror attack – has told Sky News host Rowan Dean he is “nauseated” by the BBC giving the woman responsible for the death of Malki and 14 others a platform to gain sympathy. 

Ahlam Tamimi supplied a case of explosives to a suicide bomber who detonated it and himself in a Sbarro pizzeria in August, 2001, murdering 15 people, including eight children. 

Tamimi was later asked about the attack, appearing gleeful when she was told eight children had been killed. 

She was caught and handed 16 life sentences, but released after only 10 years as part of a prisoner exchange. 

In a bid to generate sympathy for Tamimi – who was appealing for assistance to reunite with her husband – the BBC pushed out a program about Tamimi and her plea. 

BBC Arabic has multiple platforms including YouTube
where the segment had some 250,000 views before being
taken down by the BBC
“I’m appalled at the way the BBC has approached this,” Mr Roth said. 

“I am scouring for any critical comment of either Tamimi or the BBC for this in the Arabic speaking world … and haven’t found any yet.

“I could talk for literally hours from this point going forward about the nonsense that is not only put out by the Jordanians but swallowed up by almost every journalistic organisation in the world.”

Mr Roth said the United States was seeking to extradite Tamimi and try her in a federal court for charges of terrorism leading to the deaths of the 15 people and a woman who has been in a vegetative state since the attack.

UPDATE November 26, 2020: Several friends have drawn our attention to this British news report suggesting that BBC management has apologized and the matter is done and buried. It's not as we will be writing in the coming days. By the way, did you know BBC Arabic's audience is estimated by BBC management to be on the order of 43 million people? On Twitter alone, it has some seven and a half million followers - certainly one of the most influential, and perhaps the most credible, of all Arabic-language news sources.

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