Monday, December 11, 2017

11-Dec-17: Sunday's Jerusalem stabbing victim: Updated (again)

The victim of the terrorist knifing attack, Asher Elmaliach
The Sunday knifing attack on a private security guard at the busy entrance to Jerusalem's Central Bus Station ["10-Dec-17: A stabbing attack on a security guard shuts down Jerusalem's main bus station"] appears to have made little impact on global news channels.

Even less attention, in the nature of things, is being paid to how the victim is doing. That's inexcusable.

Here's an update from this morning (Monday):
The condition of the security guard stabbed in the chest by a Palestinian terrorist at the entrance to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station Sunday has stabilized, doctors at Shaare Zedek Medical Center said Monday morning. Asher Elmaliach, 46, sustained serious injuries when he was stabbed in the heart Sunday afternoon. He showed early signs of awakening, but remains unconscious and connected to a respirator in the intensive care unit, a hospital spokesperson said. [Times of Israel, December 11, 2017]
For people who pray, please keep Asher Ben Tamar in your thoughts. Thank you.

UPDATE Sunday December 17, 2017
Ynet reports this morning: "The Shaare Zedek Medical Center said the condition of the security guard who was stabbed in the central bus station terrorist attack last week continues to be very serious." Even if we're not medical people, it's in our power to help. For people who pray, please keep Asher Ben Tamar in your thoughts. Thank you.

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