Saturday, August 19, 2017

19-Aug-17: Tapuah Junction: An Arab-on-Israeli knifing attack is thwarted

The stabber's ID documents are circulating on
social media [Source]
Lethal Arab-on-Israeli knifing attacks keep happening even as mainstream news channels ignore their reality.

A boy from Tulkarem, a Palestinian Arab city of about 62,000 that has been under the full control of the Palestinian Authority since 1995, was killed today while attempting to stab an Israeli service person at Tapuah Junction. From social media, we see the attack was reported around 5:30 Saturday afternoon.

The knifer would have had his seventeenth birthday, according to the image of his ID papers, in seven weeks time.

Yet another weaponized child from the PA's evil production line. Yet another family whose economic standing will rise sharply thanks to the boy's self-destruction (click "Rewards for Terror" to see dozens of previous instances). Yet another life sacrificed to the hideous ambitions of the rich old men who have run Palestinian Arab lives for decades.

Israel's Channel 2 TV news reported this evening that he left a note for his parents, a sort of last will and testament, telling them he had set off to do a “revenge attack”. They should not mourn him, he wrote, because he is now a “martyr”. (A Palestinian Arab website offers the full text.) The PA will ensure he becomes one.

Times of Israel quotes the Health Ministry of the PA which identifies him as Qutaiba Zahran. It reports that an IDF officer was lightly wounded in the attack. The knifer, it says, approached IDF officers stationed at Tapuah Junction in the Samaria district where there have been many previous attacks of a similar nature in recent years. The security personnel called on him to halt as he approached, but instead he pulled out a knife and launched his attack on them. He was then promptly shot and killed, according to police.

The injured IDF officer is 21 and was taken to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikvah for further treatment.

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