Thursday, January 28, 2016

28-Jan-16: Another Arab-on-Israeli knifing attack tonight at a gas station on Jerusalem's northern edge

An Israeli male, variously described in reports as being in his thirties, forties and fifties, is the latest victim of the Palestinian Arab stabbing season.

He suffered serious injuries tonight around 11:00 pm when a knife-wielding Palestinian Arab male teen attacked him at a food shop - from the description it sounds to us like the Nehama Bakery - adjacent to a well-known gas station on the main highway leading from the northern Jerusalem neighbourhood of Ramot towards Givat Ze'ev, a community of some 15,000 residents.

He is being treated at this hour in the emergency room of Jerusalem's Shaarei Zedek Medical Center where, according to Times of Israel, he is in moderate to severe condition.

Twitter, whose ability to showcase killers and jihadists en route to fame and martyrdom exceeds that of the news-reporting industry by far, has already identified him: Abada Abu Ras, 17, from a Palestinian Arab town, Bir Nabala.

Ynet says the attacker entered the restaurant and stabbed the man, evidently without knowing him, several times in the upper body. He then fled, dropping the knife, and was pursued by civilians incensed by the brazen act of terror. They caught up with him some 200 meters south of the gas stop. A second knife was found on his person, and this along with the robustly physical attentions of the five or six men who caught up with him, resulted in him being slightly hurt.

What happens next is knowable in advance. In that perverse society in the grip of rampant blood-lust, Abu Ras will be proclaimed a hero for plunging a blade into a Jewish chest or back, His name and face, along with the trade mark of the political group who claim him as their own, will be rapidly emblazoned across the Arabic social media, and on posters hung up in kindergartens, schools, supermarkets and places of moderate religious worship throughout the PA realm, and perhaps in Gaza too if it turns out he is affiliated with the Islamists of Hamas. He will then quickly be forgotten (replaced in Palestinian Arab public affections and attention by the next stabber, the latest car-rammer or human bomb) unless he then engages in prolonged self-imposed fasting in his prison cell, in which case his stocks as a hero will rise yet higher. He may then be freed in some deal.

We pray that the still-unnamed victim will receive the best of emergency care and achieve a speedy and complete recovery.

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