Tuesday, November 03, 2015

03-Nov-15: Adequately-equipped knifer intercepted en route

The security crossing [Image Source]
The Jalameh/Gilboa security crossing is in the news this morning for the third time in a few days [yesterday, and Sunday]. Israel National News reports today that a Palestinian Arab male -
was arrested on Tuesday morning at the Gilboa Crossing in Samaria, located near Jenin. The terrorist had a pipe bomb and a knife on his possession and was clearly on his way to conduct a terror attack, likely in the urban coastal region where the crossing leads to and where two attacks took place on Monday. Security forces stationed at the crossing identified the terrorist as he approached the checkpoint in a suspicious manner and proceeded to arrest him, firing in the air to get him to stop and submit. Upon investigation, he was found to be carrying a knife and pipe bomb...
The Jerusalem Post says the suspect
was arrested on the Palestinian side of the crossing, and confessed to soldiers that he was planning an attack, an army spokeswoman said. Security forces took the suspect in for questioning. There were no injuries in the incident.
Pre-emptive security measures like the one that stopped this morning's attacker get far too little credit for the life-saving results they quietly achieve. This isn't a free-speech or equal-opportunity matter but a recognition that we are surrounded by people who individually and as a society have a deep and poorly understood commitment to causing us the greatest possible harm. And with no red lines.

[Highly recommended background reading: "What Do Palestinians Want? It’s time to take a close look at an often ignored subject: what ordinary Palestinians think about Israel, Jews, and terrorist attacks on civilians" | Daniel Polisar, Mosaic Magazine, November 2, 2015]

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