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28-Oct-15: The Pal Arab passion for knife attacks isn't just for social media: they sincerely mean to kill

Real child, real knife, real savagery
[Source: This video via Twitter]
Two separate Pal Arab stabbing attacks on Israelis have happened in the ancient city of Hebron, south of Jerusalem, on two consecutive days: yesterday (Tuesday) and today.

Both were launched by Arab assailants equipped with knives and in both cases the attackers were stopped and killed by IDF personnel.

Yesterday's attack took place in close proximity to the sacred Tomb of the Patriarchs; today's was in the Tel Rumeida section. Israel National News says today's attacker "did not succeed in harming anyone before being eliminated". The same result happened yesterday.

In ideologically-zealous corners of the anti-Israel news industry, yesterday's frustrating of a more-tragic terrorism outcome is described as "extrajudicial executions". It's hard not to notice that the narrative offered up by those groups never manages to identify any actual terror-motivated attacks. The Arab men and women with the knives or meat-cleavers or pistols in their hands, and with Israeli backs on their minds, are somehow invariably caught up by mere chance in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

That's of course for the English-speaking media. The Arabic-language media unabashedly celebrate their martyrdom and heroic attempts at 'resistance'.

Also today, around the same time as the Tel Rumeida attack, an Israeli woman was stabbed in the back in the manner that numerous Palestinian Arab men have carried out stabbing attacks on defenceless Israelis in the past month.

This afternoon's attack took place at the entrance to the Rami Levy supermarket in Gush Etzion, on the road leading to Alon Shvut. It's the store that has been in the news repeatedly because of the management policy of employing Israelis alongside Palestinian Arabs, and encouraging the custom of Palestinian Arab consumers. The embodiment of a form of peaceful and productive co-existence, in other words. And therefore poison in the minds of the Palestinian Arab terrorists and their backers.

Daddy behind the camera is proud
Today's victim was conscious at the time that rescue personnel reached her at the scene. An ambulance paramedic says he found her inside her car:
Initial reports indicate the victim was moderately wounded and received medical treatment from Magen David Adom (MDA) crews at the scene. She has since been evacuated to Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem - with the knife still embedded in her back, according to reports... “When I arrived to the scene, I saw an approximately 40-year-old woman sitting in her vehicle,” MDA paramedic Wally Wolfstahl said. “She was fully conscious and suffering from a stab wound to the upper body. People on the scene told me they put her in the vehicle after she was stabbed by a terrorist. We gave her medical care with the help of IDF medics that arrived on the scene. After giving her first aid in the field, we sent her to the hospital. She is in moderate and stable condition,” he said. [Israel National News]
The attacker fled the scene after carrying out the stabbing. He was intercepted a short time later by police and is in their custody now. His victim is in hospital in nearby Jerusalem.

Seems like a good time to mention yet another online video clip doing the social media rounds at the moment. This one [see it here via Twitter] appears to have been filmed by a proud father as his daughter, probably no more than 4 years old, brandishes a deadly-looking knife, waves it in the air, attacks a piece of fabric, and indicates that its purpose is to allow her to kill her some Jews. We're all accustomed to scenes like this sickening one to the point where it's accepted that this is what passes for normal in Palestinian Arab society.
Who's the knife for? "Yehudi" - Arabic
for Jews - the little girl shouts

For people like us, it's essential to help others realize there's a direct line connecting little children and their perverted fathers/mothers/leaders/teachers with acts of murder and attempted murder taking place every few hours on Israel's streets. This is the face of a society in the full grip of an addiction to savagery with no red lines. None.

Also in today's battles with terror, six Israeli residents of Tira, a city of some 23,000 people, almost all of them Arabs, were arrested today (Wednesday). They are being charged with hurling firebombs at vehicles traveling on Route 6, Israel's main north-south express road. An investigation by Israel Police and the Shin Bet uncovered their terrorist activities.

Tira, along with Umm al-Fahm, is in the region colloquially known by Israelis as The Triangle. We mentioned it two weeks ago in the context of the rising levels of terrorist activity emanating from those communities.

That the urge to kill Israelis is not restricted to the margins of Palestinian Arab society is made clear yet again today.

As the Jerusalem Post reports, the Palestinian Authority controlled by Mahmoud Abbas has just decided to honor Muhannad Halabi by naming a street after him. Halabi is the 19-year-old murderer of two Jews killed close to the Old City's Lion's Gate on October 3, 2015 in a stabbing and shooting "operation" that took the lives of Rabbi Nehemiah Lavi and Aharon Benita and seriously injured Benita’s wife, Adele, and their two-year-old son.

The assailant was shot dead by police at the scene. Palestinian Media Watch reported several days ago that the Palestinian Bar Association has already grotesquely bestowed an honorary law degree on the deceased stabber/shooter/attacker. Now the municipality of Surda/Abu Qash, in the suburbs of Ramallah, will name a street for him "to emphasize the national role played by Palestinian municipalities."

Can a society ever be rehabilitated from pathologies as deep and all-pervasive as theirs?

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