Saturday, October 24, 2015

24-Oct-15: Among victims of yet another day of Pal Arab "rage", an Israeli family fire-bombed near Beit El

Image Source: An Arabic news-site reporting on theBeit El attack
Times of Israel reported that Friday was declared another Palestinian Arab 'day of rage', a fig-leaf that seeks to upgrade the murderous hatred being incubated throughout their society into focused anti-Jewish action.

These calls generally pay dividends in the currency that Palestinian Arab society has been taught (via its leading institutions) to understand. Friday was no exception: an Israeli family traveling by car on the highway near their home in the Israeli community of Beit El came under firebomb attack on Friday. Israel National News says the attack was carried out on Route 60 between Beit El and Givat Asaf. The parents and their three young children all suffered injuries. The youngest child, a girl of four, has injuries defined as "moderate", though Haaretz reports that this means burns to 35% of her little body. Her brother, sister and parents are all said to be lightly hurt, and rushed by Magen David Adom ambulance to Hadassah Ein Karem hospital in Jerusalem hospital for treatment of burns and other injuries.

Haaretz says there were clashes - Palestinian rioters attacking Israeli security forces - at various locations across Israel during Friday including Hebron, El Bireh, Beit Ummar, at Rachel's Tomb on Jerusalem's southern edge, and at multiple points along the Gaza/Israel border.

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