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08-Oct-15: Jerusalem Watch | Thursday noon stabbing (yes, another one)

Plenty of photos of a more graphic nature are available via the social media depicting this latest Jerusalem stabbing, again an Israeli knifed by a Palestinian Arab. But we choose not to publish or link to them here [Image Source]
In another instance of what Mahmoud Abbas, head of the PA, has been calling Israeli aggression, there is yet another knifing victim bleeding on the streets of Jerusalem this afternoon. A Jewish victim, of course.

This latest knifing attack occurred around noon on Thursday. This via Israel National News:
A 25-year-old yeshiva student was seriously injured in a terror attack early Thursday afternoon at the Jerusalem light rail station in front of national police headquarters near Ammunition Hill. Magen David Adom teams on the scene treated the injured man and brought him to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in the capital, where he is being prepped for surgery. Special Patrol Unit forces in the area neutralized the terrorist and arrested him... Light rail service has been temporarily suspended in the area as a result of the attack. 
Haaretz says
the victim was in serious condition, but was conscious. Israel Police said they apprehended the assailant. Initial reports on Channel 2 News said a 15-year-old boy [since corrected - see below] from East Jerusalem attempted to seize the weapon of a security guard at a light-rail train station, but after failing to wield the weapon, he drew a knife that he had been carrying and stabbed the man. The attack took place shortly after 12 PM at a light-rail train station outside the National Police Headquarters.
Times of Israel adds that the victim was rushed to hospital with the attacker's knife still lodged in his neck. He was taken to emergency surgery. A second Israeli, apparently a Jerusalem Light Rail security guard, was very lightly hurt after tackling the attacker to prevent him fleeing the scene. The attacker is a 19-year-old Palestinian Arab from East Jerusalem.

The victim needs our prayers: have in mind Moshe Chaim ben Chana for a complete recovery.

In the perverted world of our neighbours, as we noted earlier this week ["06-Oct-15: They're shocked! Associated Press discovers the Palestinian Arab reward-for-terror payments scheme"], 
"If you are an unemployed Palestinian Arab with ambitions, a course of action has been open to you for years that's violent, dangerous, deadly and immoral - but brings with it certain benefits. And if you're also a believer who is taught to embrace death when it involves murdering certain others, it comes down to win/win: the money or the box."
If you get caught and prevented from carrying out the actual murder, you go to prison and start accumulating payments from the Palestinian Authority government that would be beyond your dreams but for the terrorism in which you chose to engage. And if the Israelis manage to permanently neutralize you, then you're a martyr, a hero to your people. And your parents and siblings get paid handsomely. This cash-for-terror scheme is not new. It's well documented (by us, among others) and funded generously by Western governments. Here is a small selection of posts we have written in the past four years about how it works: 
We tweeted earlier today about the win/win nature of the decision to plunge a knife into an unsuspecting Israeli back. We're convinced this sickening reality is barely understood by those reporting the news or by the vast majority of the consumers of their work product. Time to change that.

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