Thursday, October 08, 2015

08-Oct-15: Human rights, human (very) wrongs

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For those interested to know where the "human rights" "activist" who tweeted the loathsome message above (we deleted the photo that goes with it) fits in to the Tamimi clan hierarchy, just email us.

We selected this one current from among Manal Tamimi's many current outbursts of a hideousness that evidently cannot be suppressed. It's characteristic of, and consistent with, the bigoted, violent sentiment that permeates Tamimi clan's messages to the world.

Keep in mind as well what the Tamimis work diligently to hide: the clan's joyous celebrations when their favorite daughter - the proud murderer of 15 people, 8 of them children - was released (via a cynical act of extortion) in 2011. We have those photos too.

Were it not for the obsequious fawning and grooming of Bassem Tamimi by the ideologically-compromised Amnesty International and its fellow travelers, no one would be in any doubt that the Tamimis are indistinguishable from the savages shown dancing and handing out candies throughout the towns and cities of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jordan this week. Those people are rejoicing because of knifings and shootings of civilians of a nation with whom they see themselves having an eternal blood feud. But for Amnesty et al, they're resistance activists and non-violent protesters.

The people who give support to Amnesty ought to be deeply ashamed.

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