Wednesday, September 16, 2015

16-Sep-15: Yet another stabbing attack on Israelis foiled

Things are slightly less heated in and around Jerusalem's Temple Mount today after three straight days of rioting by Arabs. The deployment of additional police in the area may have contributed to making a difference.

But against that background of escalating violence by Palestinian Arabs against Israelis, there has been another stabbing attack, and Tapuah Junction in Israel's Samaria district is once again the location. Fortunately, there is a happy ending.

Times of Israel says a Palestinian man was arrested this morning (Wednesday) after unsuccessfully attempting to stab Border Police officers working at the site. The Palestinian Arab male, estimated to be in his 20s and from Nablus, pulled out a dagger as police carried out a routine search near Tapuah Junction. Their suspicions were well-founded, it appears. His attempt to inflict injury or worse was rebuffed and when he attempted to flee, he was quickly apprehended.

Unlike the last Tapuah Junction knifing attack ["17-Aug-15: Three knifing attacks on Israelis in past 48 hours"], today's terror-minded attacker with a passion to stab is still alive, and likely to remain that way so long as he is in Israeli custody. He is currently being interrogated by security forces. Tapuah Junction, located south of Nablus in the central West Bank, has been the site of numerous attacks against Israeli civilians and security forces. (Click for previous reports via this blog.)

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