Thursday, August 27, 2015

27-Aug-15: A midnight rocket attack on southern Israel

A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel a little after midnight (Wednesday/Thursday) crashed into open fields in the Eshkol region of southern Israel. Reports say there are no injuries and no significant damage to property.

Times of Israel says residents in the area heard no Color Red incoming-rocket sirens but did hear the sound of the explosion. None of the usual array of heroes who customarily fling explosives over the border to see if they can cause damage or worse has taken credit so far, but we will keep watching for the inevitable claims.

The last such rocket attack down south on which we reported happened about three weeks ago ["02-Aug-15: Violence, incitement, double-talk, more violence"]. That was quickly followed by made-in-Gaza allegations on the fact-challenged social networks that this was just Israelis trying to drum up sympathy ["02-Aug-15: Can't make this kind of shot up"].

Ynet says (but we did not write about it at the time) that the last such incidents of Gazan mayhem occurred when a mortar attack on southern Israel, followed shortly afterwards by two rocket attacks, happened a few days after that, on August 7, 2015. The mortar and the first of the rockets landed in open fields on Israel's side of the border, doing no physical damage (which was of course never the intention of the men doing the attacking). 

That second rocket was a "Fell Short". We will probably never know what harm that caused, since news reports from the Arab side systematically avoid disclosing damage done to life and property by such self-inflicted Arab-on-Arab explosions.

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