Tuesday, August 11, 2015

11-Aug-15: Still more stabbings of Israelis - wait, no, thankfully this one was intercepted

The suspect in custody yesterday: just a 17 year old girl and
already terminally crippled by violent hatred [Image Source]
Living in a terrorism-rich environment makes people like us a touch impatient with the occasional calls for our side to treat the neighbours with greater respect - relax those oppressive security arrangements, take down the checkpoints, give women, and especially teenage girls the leeway they are entitled to, and so on.

Keeping those sentiments, here's a news report from the Jerusalem Post that will probably not have made it to news channels outside our borders:
An unidentified Palestinian youth was detained Monday after admitting that she intended to use a knife, found in her hand bag during a search at a checkpoint, to commit a terror attack at an Israeli prison. The suspect, 17, who attempted to pass through a checkpoint south of Hebron, initially claimed that she forgot that the knife was in her possession and that its use was for cutting vegetables. Under interrogation in Hebron, she admitted that she intended to use the knife to stab a female prison officer at Eshel prison, where her brother lectures inmates who are serving sentences for security related offenses... On Saturday Hamas publicly called for widespread attacks against Israelis. "The murderous settlers will not be deterred unless we initiate attacks - do not wait for them to arrive in our villages and towns,"  said Hamas spokesperson Husma (sic) Badran. Since then several attacks have been carried out. ["Palestinian arrested after admitting 'vegetable knife' was meant for terror attack", Jerusalem Post, August 11, 2015]
Just to recap: she's 17, a girl. Her weapon, a knife, is of the kind that has caused the deaths of many innocent Israelis. And there's a fresh general call in the air from the savages of Hamas to do precisely the murderous thing she confesses to planning to do.

Rational human beings will be all in favour of more and stronger security measures - like checkpoints, fences, and alert, well-trained and armed security personnel - to intercept jihad-minded Arabs from doing what the echo chamber in which they live is instructing them to do. This probably offends some people, but life is too short and too sacred to pay attention to their foolishness.

Husam Badran, mentioned in the report above, is the Hamas spokesperson most closely aligned with the ongoing calls for more acts of murder against Israelis:
"[T]he shootings... and the stabbing operations that have been carried out by lone men and women represent an important development..." Hamas, he said, “welcomes these actions... an important and positive step towards returning to the natural state in which we must fight the occupation directly until it is defeated... it will not be long before the [West] Bank returns to the days of the Aqsa Intifada.” [From a June speech by Badran reported in Algemeiner]
Incitement doesn't come much clearer or lethal than that. Thankfully, there are people on our side who understand the implications.

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